The Influence of stone wall on visual field

I think the stone wall should block the enemy’s view like a dense forest. The attackers should not see the deployment behind the stone wall. This can increase more gameplay and strategy. I sincerely hope to hear your opinions.


I like this idea. Stone walls are quite underwhelming and the dramatic siege battles that were featured during the game previews are currently ignored or not feasible. Walls give you +2 line-of-sight, and reduce damage taken by 33% (?), but these do not appear to be enough incentive to build them in most games. when they do get built, the stone walls are treated by most players as stronger version of palisades - just another obstacle to punch a hole through as opposed to capturing.

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So the only way to reveal what’s behind it would be to knock it down? What if a scout is viewing from atop a hill?

It’s an interesting idea but I think it would complicate the game too much.

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If you want to see the other side of the stone wall, you can also use the siege tower to send the soldiers to the wall. (this undoubtedly increases the practicability of the siege tower). The defender can leave a lot of surprises for the attacker behind the stone wall, such as another stone wall. A soldier standing under the stone wall could see the other side of the wall, which was obviously unreasonable.

You can also send your soldiers up the wall. :ok_hand:

They reduce ranged and siege damage by 66%, it’s just in PvP no one is going to push stone walls without siege.

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