The ingame player rating /ELO/ -show or not?

I feel the desire to discuss this. I have more than 150 games in D.E. now and I feel something is very wrong , even though I love the game as a whole and I enjoy the new civs.

I am sure many people discussed this in the past but the more I play D.E., the more I feel this is a very important problem. People had topics like this in the past but the devs seems to not care.
WHY THE ■■■■ cant we see the rating / ELO/ of other people ??? When we playe rated games it is OK to get a random enemy, but I wish to know how high his rating is /at the game start- the loading screen/. Even more important - if I am the host in a game room where I wish to select the people playing with me - what is the point of playing someone with 890 ELO if one is 1200 ? Or why play 2v2 against 2 guys with 1700 ++ if one is 1050 ?? In VOOBLY that was the best thing - selecting people to play with and also it was fair. This does not mean that new guys will be kicked all the time, no, there are always some games for them, called "4v4 all welcome " for example or FFA for all…
The ■■■■■■ options or lack of options in this area is one of the several swords dividing the community ! Stop “slashing” through the community, please ! Now some guys play in Voobly only, some are in Steam and some are playing here…WHY ???
Also the freedom to choose a map for a rated game was taken away … WHY WAS THIS DONE? In football it is sometimes said that a headcoach sucks if he makes changes players in a very well working team , right? Here in AOE2 it is the same - why did they change a game or its subsystems when it was all OK

I always used to think it would be great if they took the ratings away and it was just peoples names. I am however proven wrong haha. There seems to be a ton more noobs playing, which I guess is great as the more new players the better. Not always so great when the skill levels of 2 teams vary so much. Prolly not much fun for the noobs either. Maybe the option of a Lobby with ratings being shown and a lobby with no ratings being shown. That way it may seperate the skills a bit better.

I think it would be good if the ranked maps rotated every week or something. Its quite nice to not play Arabia all the time. Nice to be forced to learn different Strats and play styles.

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BTW I never thought of removing the rating’s visibility, …
it is good to see new guys in AoE 2 but what is the point of playing 2v2 if 2 players are like 1750 /in HD/ and the enemy team of 2 is 1400-1500 s … ??
The map rotations would be really welcomed , many people want this.

In ranked it would be nice. Lot of games where winning ends up being +0. You’ll move to the enemy with some feudal Scouts and you quickly realize that it could possibly be their first game ever.

As for the regular lobbies, which is what you’re posting about, I think showing the ranked rating wouldn’t work well in practice. You’re already suggesting that you will manipulate teams based on rating but I highly doubt most of the people in regular lobbies have even touched ranked to even get a rating. Even then, you have to play a lot of ranked games to get an accurate rating.

In addition, I highly doubt that a ranked team rating would be any indicator of a player’s ability to play at all. This is problematic as well since regular lobbies are generally team games.

Sure, please show us the ratings. I think ratings do two main things. First, ratings can be used to implement fair matches and second, ratings keep people motivated. For the first, it would be beneficial to see the ratings in unranked matches in order to give us the option to go for fair teams. For the second, please show us a more detailed ladder (i.e. not only the top100). Third, personally, I would also look forward to see if I won / lost against someone with way better/even/worse ranking, but for me this a minor to the first two points.

I think showing it before a game would cause tons of people to disconnect out of fear of just playing someone with a higher ELO. However, after a stomp on either side I think it’s good to show the rating of someone who you just played just to get some closure as to whether you played terribly or the opponent was like 300 ELO above you.

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But it really isn’t fun playing with people of not some kind similar skill level. ELO is an alright indicator.

Almost like we would have to go search up everyones name in the leaderboards (etc use before starting a game. It is not particularly userfriendly.

(I have considered just make a python or C# bot to fetch the info and memoryhack it into the game lobby)

Itis not fun to play total noobs if you are pro and if you host a game 2v2/3v3 as a noob it is bad to die for 5 min after a simple drush … Balance is required in team making