The Khmer Ballista Strategy with Knights 2 Vs 2

It is with great honor that I show off another meme strat. I have found a surprising amount of success with it just watch out for monks.

I played a game with Ploppy the other day and we tried out the Khmer strategy. Ballistas to cut the trees and Berbers knights to quickly kill the vills inside… The strategy allowed us to get threw the trees but was it successful? I honestly dont know.

Khmer Ballista Strategy with Knights 2 Vs 2 - YouTube

This explanation reminds me of a hide out game.

I got walled in by my enemy (pretty poor scouting to not seeing this 11), but then used these elephants to cut the forest and raid his base, which let me win the game.

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I really like Hideout, it’s like Arena but you can rush in Feudal.

thats absolutely classic the meme strats dont always work. Have another crazzy game on arena let me see.

Crazy New Civ Strategy On Arena - YouTube