The Kipchaks

As you know in the last patch the Kipchaks have been nerfed by replacing it’s “0” frame delay by “0.5” which is equal to Mangudai, i just want to hear your opinion, do you think the Kipchaks needed this nerf? especially it is way weaker than Mangudai

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It was birthday gift. (Cumans was nerfed in first patch so nerfing them in birthday nice gift)

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In my opinion Kipchaks didn’t need this nerf at all, yeah “0” frame delay feels so strong but at the same time the unit is the weakest CA in the game

the kipchak may be weaker then the mangudai but it is also much much cheaper then the mangudai, and masses up 20% faster then the mangudai, n2m an elite upgrade that costs zero gold.

again just because they are the weakest cav archer in the game (in terms of pure stats), means nothing, seeing as they are dirt cheap. if you look at the damage vs cost of the unit, kipchaks come out near the top.


Still, the no frame delay was the kipchak main selling point and now it is gone. I’m not opposed to the presence of a small frame delay to the unit, since castle age kipchak is really strong when microed properly, perhaps however it should be smaller the the mangudais’ frame delay.

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Yeah this what i was talking about, they are weak so making their frame delay like Mangudai make nothing special in them except their low cost

as if that isn’t a huge advantage - goths have proven that there is strength in numbers.

Man everything in large numbers is good even skirms, but my point is the only thing that make the Kipchaks special is their “0” frame delay, yeah still 0.5 frame delay is really good but they are so weak, they lose to generic CA

now start microing those kipchaks, and account for the difference in cost and tell me who wins.
because with good micro you could in theory attack before CA even get off a volley.

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