The lack of a hotfix is an absolute embarrassment

No embarrassment. The game needs an update and it’ll get one in due time. We can play single-player, multi-player with non-cheating friends, or campaigns for a while. The tournament is fine with using an older, more stable version. Many companies don’t even upgrade to the latest/greatest version of any software for a long while; not only because of the cost, but also because they want to wait for bugs/issues to get addressed in the new version before they convert over to it. Playing the tournament on a more stable and proven version of the game makes perfect sense. No software or game developer that I know of or have ever heard of has a 100% perfect track record with patches and new versions. If you’ve heard of some, though, please share so we may use them as inspiration!

Bro, relax…

AOE2DE looks and feels like a Triple-A title, but don’t forget that you still paid only $20 for this game.

Unless this game had “premium” accounts that went for $5 a month, or the game entirely was $60, then maybe OP I’d be able to sympathize with your frustration.

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One patch per month is OK. But when there is bugs there must be a Hotfix in like 1 week tops!