The ladder hasn't been reset from the early access

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could you please pass a link? i cannot find it, i must be blind

TheMistaa is the king

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It is hard to understand when they reset for all previous beta, but dont for actual launch :neutral_face:

It’s all going to be reset starting early 2022 when seasons get going anyway.

Yeah but genesis starts in a week

Lol, it feal like a used old game because of lader that was not reset. XD

Are you sure it’s not because some people have already had access to online with early access?

It is also delayed by at least 2 days.

I can confirm it and by my own ranking on the record and mista said it too. They didn’t remove they own staff playing vs each others too, so half of top30 are developers/staff with games vs themselves only .

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Random question, but is it only 1v1’s? I cant seem to find myself XD

10 games at least to get rating.
as u can see there are also filter for TGs

Because the game is still in beta state? Game wasn’t updated after the stress test, so we are still playing on stress test build along with all the flaws reported by players.

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The game is not in beta.

Sory andy, but rigth now, the game feal more like a beta state then a final product.

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Big true.
The gameplay is there but performance issues crack down on that a little hard rn as well.

That’s what I hear. I hope those who are playing it enjoy it.

The answer is clearely yes.

Wy bother any change?

People are enjoying playing age of empire 4.

The real question is:

  • “Will they keep playing afther the initial year lunch?”