The last statements from the Developers:

17th November 2021:

  • So. Much. Stuff.
    • With last month’s amazing launch of Age of Empires IV, we know our players are curious about what this means for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. Will we abandon our longest-enduring classic RTS to focus on our new release? :scream::scream::scream:
    • NO WAY! While we’re thrilled for everything coming for Age of Empires IV, we’re happy to reassure our Age II players that the excitement around Age IV means MORE for you, not less. We’re planning to support Age II: DE for a long, long time, and will soon be able to share an exciting roadmap, with some genuinely awesome reveals coming in the months ahead! – stay tuned and WOLOLO!

31th January 2022:

2022 Will Be Busy!
At the close of last year we mentioned that there’s plenty on the horizon for Age II:DE , with our plans to continue updating and supporting the game for a long, long time. It’s the New Year and as we deliver the January Update, we’re working through a ton of planning in parallel and thinking about how we can best share our aspirations with you (and trust us, there’s some really cool stuff in the works!) We know you’re interested in this info, so we’ll be sure to follow up once we’re ready to reveal just a few of the things coming to Age II:DE in 2022!

22th February 2022


It’s only February and already we’re releasing another update to Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, with plenty more planned throughout the year and some fun surprises waiting for you along the way! Last December, we did something a little different with our event and celebrated the holidays with some summer flare – the common experience for those living in the Southern Hemisphere where BBQs in December are more common than snow and hot cocoa. The reaction was awesome and we’d love to hear from you about event themes that might capture your imagination and show others something they don’t know about cultures around the world. How can we better tell your story? Feedback is welcome and we’re excited to hear what you think deserves to be part of our events going into the future!

And Now?
What are you guys thinking? Will we get a roadmap this year or not? :smiley: It was refreshing that the Devs communicated in this forum with us when they released the puzzle pieces tho. Such “events” should happen more often and they should definitely avoid ghosting us like they did since they promised us a roadmap back in November.


I think the roadmap will come with the announcement of the South Asian DLC. Probably going to announce another DLC with that too, maybe even reveal its theme.

A roadmap isn’t even necessary for AoE2.
It’s only “an achievement” for Aoe4 because the game there isn’t finished and there are many things to add and improve.
It’s a need for a game that must keep the playerbase and gather attention once again for those that like the franchise but are not from “our niche”.
There is no urgency for such feature on Aoe2 because it was only a thing people worried uselessly (fearing and get jealousy about any sign of Aoe4 thriving).

Let’s keep it on it’s own pace. We aren’t on a dire need for answers or without support from devs.


I think this is the most sensible take.

Because AoEII has been supported consistently for almost 10 years, unlike other AoE titles the game can only add so much that isn’t new civs and campaigns. In other words, DLC is really the only thing the game can add at this point.

Sure, perhaps each civ could get a castle reskin and maybe a few more unique skins like the trade carts but there’s only so much more they can do with that. Minor QoL features? maybe.

More like, it’s a need to retain players that paid full price for a half-baked game, so when the first DLC comes out it’s still time to hand their wallets again.

It’s a need to justify the prices that people paid and gain the trust slowly. Aoe2 devs doesn’t need this, they already have your trust and have an idea about our reception of coming content. I assume they are trying to give a “flawless content” as most as possible and balanced, probably not OP by release.
All things must go nearly perfection on this ambitious DLC, so this is why we have so much mystery. :smile:

Imo, roadmap is not a thing at all for Aoe2. What kinds of game modes and patches would we get if they follow a schedule?


i agree that we dont need a roadmap. but they annouced one and so i want one 11 i really waited and checked the formus daily to look for the roadmap :frowning: it’s weird that they said soon and now almost six months later they didn’t explain why there was no roadmap. i would have appreciated a little bit of clarification and communication a lot :smiley:


Hang on. Longest-enduring RTS? What happened to AOE1? Did they just forget about it XD?

AOE 1 DE could get a DLC (In fact there was an entry at steamdb about an unknown DLC long time ago, but was removed) but the game has, by far, the lowest number of active players (barely breaking 1k players) and the last patch happened at April of 2021 which was rather small, MS and FE aren’t even motivated to look at AOE 1 DE ever again, even though a lot of issues are still present in the game :frowning:

I know a lot of you always say “We have too many civs, we don’t need more DLC” but don’t forget by avoiding the dreaded monthly subscription format that you see with MMO strategy games, they need to make money somehow. Previous DLCs have proved successful and have kept fresh renewed interest in an otherwise relatively predictable game. Not that there’s anything wrong with some level of predictability; fundamental changes to the game would ruin it. But simply relying on the strength of your base game to attract new players isn’t enough on its own from a business perspective, unless you invest heavily in marketing and tournaments with big cash prizes and live coverage etc. DLC allows them to upsell to the existing fanbase and also attracts new players who can see the community still has a buzz and is worth joining. It must be a difficult balance to keep old players happy, maintain their interest so the meta doesn’t get stale and also attract new younger players to replace the ones who slowly retire. And apart from the divisive multiplayer issues which have already been argued to death on here, I’d say they’re doing a pretty good job.


I thought AoE1 was the most played game out of all Ages due to the Vietnamese (?) internet cafes coming with it installed and thus growing a playerbase there, or did they not translate over to AoE1 DE?

Roadmap ?

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Just a troll video from T90.

It was clearly just damage control for the reality of the situation: Micro$oft is intentionally trying to starve AOE2 of oxygen in order to make 4 a success. Why do you think the best the developers were able to do to tease the new xpac was editing some old Steam posts? While AOE4 gets to trumpet on the rooftops far and wide that they finally have ranked queue?? The AOE2 dev team has clearly been given 0 budget and explicit orders to not overshadow 4.

There is no roadmap. There was never going to be a roadmap. The roadmap was dangled in front of you to shut you up.
There are no big budget tournaments on the horizon.
I’d bet you anything we don’t even get another expansion after this.
There is only M$ trying to push a 60 dollars experience that could sell expansions for way more than 10 bucks a pop because it means more money for them, and Forgotten Empires desperately trying to damage control their dumbassery so we don’t all leave and never come back.

Microsoft will kill this series trying to push 4 on everyone at this rate. That stupid game needs to die.


They did not translate to DE, all still playing original AOE 1

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Expect a $30 expansion for Aoe4
It would not be cheap :flushed:

el que desarrollo age 4 no fue ni forgotten ni tantalus sino relic… sip los del COH tanto forgotten como tantalus estaban desarrollando los dlc´s y actualizaciones del age 2 y age 3 respectivamente.


Pretty dark take but probably not that wrong. It just feels wrong from a marketing perspective to do this:

Soon to be 6 Months is by no means soon. They shouldn’t have promised that:

Right now, it’s probably worth half the asking prize with the content it offers. SP skirmish seems boring in that game which is bad in terms of playability longterm.

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Yo seré sincero soy mas de jugar age of empires 3 que el 2 pero el age 2 esta en mi top 10 de juegos favoritos, le tengo un montón de horas y los mapas personalizados han sido un gozo junto a las campañas, pero el age 4… hem no se amigo… le falta… no sabría como decirlo… pero como le falta alma se ve muy hueco, incluso las campañas que me mire gameplays enteros, no me entregaron mucha satisfacción, les falta carisma. (además no estoy dispuesto a pagar 60 dólares por un juego con menos contenido que el age 3 o el 2 siendo que estos rondan entre los 15-20 dólares)


Definitivamente estoy de acuerdo contigo en el caso de AOE4. Me decepcionó mucho que ninguna de las civilaziones de AOE4 fuera nativa de América o África. La versión beta en la que participé me atrajo para que no comprara el juego. Sobre todo porque Microsoft pidió mucho dinero por él.

No pagaré 100 CHF por un juego que ni remotamente tiene tanto contenido como AOE2 o AOE3.

Soy muy consciente de que los juegos anteriores ya habían recibido algunas adiciones al contenido, pero no creo que esa sea una razón para comenzar con tan pocas y tan uniformes civilaziones en AOE4.

Y por cierto, no hablo español :wink: Simplemente me fascina la historia americana precolonial.

También me gusta AOE3, pero no tanto como AOE2.

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