The last update

Is it just me or the last update is full of bug ? Like check the description of the kamayuk (incas special unit ) in the tech three 11

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Welcome to Age of Empires 2 DE.

Yes there are bugs. Quite a lot.

Enjoy your stay


Yes, there are bugs. Luckily the worst ones were fixed after about 3 days.


When I played Ubisoft and WildCard games, I thought that those two are the worst and most useless companies ever, I was wrong. 11 Microsoft (aoe2de devs in particular) are even worse by far. 11

Like full of bugs. The hotfix only fixed the two most flagrant, but they’re still tons of them. It’s almost impossible to spectate a game without going out of sync

Spectating is ruined because so many people cried for removing foundation scanning despite this technique being used by so few people, now the fog of war is completely messed up. Who thought messing with such a fundamental aspect of the game would be easy.

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That then goes to Forgotten Empires… and now guess what? They also have claimed (I think I have read that on reddit) that they are also involved in age4 (and already where in age3DE). I will think twice if I buy the 4 one (didnt buy the 3DE, but have 3 complete collection already)

There’s a problem with the tech tree in general. Devs know about it.

My issue with that is that they didn’t beta this patch.

RTS is rare nowadays so ill cut them some slack, but i agree the bugs can be super annoying. Atm my main issue is pathing.

I haven’t been affected by any out of sync and i could care less about spectating. My matches run better since this last patch.

The foundation scouting was a glitch in the game since its creation. And should have been sorted out then. Just because the removal of a glitch is not easy, does not justify it’s existence.

Every other game was able to sort it out. Aoe can do likewise


Basically, every single game has bugs, the only games that don’t have bugs are games like Asteroids and Pac-Man but as a game becomes more and more complex bugs are bound to start showing up. So cut the devs some slack for god’s sake.

Pathfinding is a really hard thing to do, there are so many different possible ways a unit can take. Even modern computers with all of their power can’t do it perfectly but I can say AoE II: DE has the best pathing in the franchise and it’s leagues ahead of it’s competition.

No the best pathfinding goes to Starcraft 2. Perhaps its the old engine that limits AoE 2 DE which FE have to do something about.

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I have played StarCraft II and it’s not that great, it makes a lot of silly decisions with pathing. And sometimes StarCraft II disconnects even though I have fast, stable internet.

We are comparing the pathing between the two. I disagree that AoE 2 DE has the “best” pathfinding among its competitors. Villagers still get stuck and some units are clunky.


SCVs get stuck too and micro is clunky and useless in SC2.

Man, that’s a really f**** up logic. “you claimed some 20 years old exploit to be fixed, and now everything is broken. It’s your fault” how it’s our fault?

The point is that AoE 2 DE doesn’t have the “best” pathfinding and still have issues to be fixed.

You are right about that but I think the current pathing is as good as it gets for AoE.

It’s the devs fault if they break stuff and do not properly test their changes. Every time they touch something, they break something else. I am not so confident that they even know what they are doing. Either that, or there’s like 0 testing.

The devs can rarely every see fault in their own code and modern-day Microsoft doesn’t beta-test.

Well technically it is the dev’s fault, but scanning was probs not used enough that risking breaking half the game because of it was worth it,.