The last update

I put up a “Melee units pathfinding” issue thread nearly a year ago. The pathing was even worse than it used to be after they "fix"ed it. But remember the pathing has been improved a lot now, still it’s not the best. You can’t blame the users requesting for a complete bugfix or feature. It’s not our fault for requesting a bugfix.

In the case of building scanning, not really, because pathfinding is required 100% of the time, while only a small amout of players used building scanning. So risking messing everyone’s game wasn’t worth it in the first place for such a low priority “issue” (because not everyone agree it was an issue in the first place)

Not only not used by everyone but it isn’t like it provided the same quality of information as actually scouting the area you were scanning, you knew ‘something’ was there, but you couldn’t ever be sure of exactly what it was

The one where you gained vision from placed foundations was another story but that only showed you new things that walked into the area, not like you could place them on top of something and see what it was

The we should never have any additional content for this game, because every time the devs touch the game code they break something. Just look at all the bugs from the last DLC.

More content is at least worth more than removing building scanning.