The latest PUP

I saw just a couple minute ago a post on FB said there is a new PUP (and the lasted update was taking back, if I am not wrong). Anyone has a patchnote for this PUP?

No, this is the one introduced yesterday. I am talking about something happened about hour ago. This is form their FB page:

The PUP is already available, but with no description, what they called “note” is only repetition what we can read in this FB post.

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Thanks. I saw that there was a new PUP branch but it’s currently locked and was wondering if I needed to search for a password to access it (and there are too many socials to check for me to bother with that). I guess they’ll unlock it once they’re ready. I assume it’d be the same changes, but hopefully without the performance issues.

Screenshot from :

Is there a way to access the PUP?

Please try again, there should be no password requirement now.


It is not what I asked for. I asked about patchnotes for this PUP - and still cannot find propre one. Another time. I don’t, know, do whatever you want, but don’t think this would be wise to add to every PUP a list of change, so we could know what exactly try? There are some people who knows exactly every stats of everything, but I am not one of them, so I would love to know what you changes in PUP, so I can test it.

I sincerely hope they un-nerf Bohemians, great patch but Bohemians nerf is totally uncalled for, while I don’t sympathize with Bohemians necessarily, trashing a civ for no reason is unfair imo. The civ already has average FU Skirms, bad stable, bad siege aside from Houfnice, a terrible UU and below average Arbalest. Their HC is rly generic because speed isn’t very useful on such a unit, really you might be playing Teutons at this point who also have FU HC. A bit better Halbs and Houfnice is really ALL the civ has going for it. Even so, I would probably often prefer Japanese Halbs in mass Battles or Byzantines Halbs if it’s like an Arena-esque map where I need to spam them a bit for Relic control.

I guess the civ has trash Monks in Imperial Age but we have never seen them so far.

If you must, raise cost of Houfnice, but DON’T reduce Blast Radius, the whole point of this unit is that it acts like a long range Onager of sorts. Allowing Halb + Skirm + Houfnice to beat generic Skirms by opponent who otherwise crush the Bohemian late game comp.


Generally, they do not post patch notes as we’ve seen them on the forums. There are usually a bit more vague/general references to what’s changed. The current PUP update preview states this:

'February Update - Build #77575
This build contains:

  • Various bugs and crash fixes
  • Minor Balance changes (more info when we publish this build)’

You can find it from Steam’s AoE2 forums. Go to AoE2’s page in your Steam Library, click on Discussions, then Public Update Preview - February.

Any PUP news will be shared there, as far as I know.


And for me it’s a mistake, they should in future.


We’ve added a brief change log to the PuP, you’ll be able to see them on the Steam post as long as you own the game on Steam.

Sometimes the PuP builds receive updates and the notes aren’t static, which is why we try to keep them in one place as a general process.

I’d highly recommend playing a few games on the PuP if you’ve been experiencing any performance issues or crashes throughout the month of February.

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Was the last February patch Rerolled out is it still reverted?

It is still reverted.

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And there was another info on Facebook saying PUP was updated and again link doesn’t work, Steam forum doesn’t show anything. Ridiculous.

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Did you try logging in on steam account? Link is working fine for me.

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