The lead time for reconnection is very short

The time available to return to the game is too short. This has already been mentioned several times and that’s why I consider it a bit absurd to create a topic just for this, but I’ll create one anyway.

Could it be at least a 2 minute time limit, or give other players a chance to decide if they want to wait for the player to get back online?

Also this other problem: The game has to be restarted after each game (?)



Well yea that was a legacy feature. not a bad one to be exact. currently only the lagged person gets fast forwarded to live. But in legacy there was a time and all players can vote to kick out the defaulter and wait. But without the ability to reconnect, that was useless.


Reconnection is DE feature. Although the time is a little short from ideal.


As soon as I see my conenction drop/my wifi is off accidently. I instantly Reach out to my phone , turn on the hotspot and conenct to it. And Im able to reconnect. Very very rarely this thing fails. but yea if I connect to my hotspot even few seconds later , its off. The window is smaller than expected.


At time when my laptop run out of battery, coz I forgot to plug in my charger, Im able to plug in charger ASAP before the lights on my laptop goes off, and quickly click the power button to turn on my laptop and I see “RECONNECTED” on my screen. This whole process takes around 20-30 seconds I dont remember exactly. But it solid, and it works. There was nothing like this in legacy.

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Probably because aoe2 doesn’t have this feature. :joy:

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