The lobby browser needs a lot of help. - old school gaming zone player here

There are just two things disappointing to me about this game. Let me explain…

The lobby browser needs a rehaul and just disappointed in the lack of people on multiplayer. Developers need to create an easy way for players to interact with one another. Copy MSN Gaming zone’s format.

  • You need to be able to see games in progress
  • See everyone logged into the lobby
  • Private messaging
  • Main chat across the lobby browser
  • Need to be able to join a room and chat before the game is launched

There are many more things that MSN gaming zone got right. I’d say anyone who played on that old format loved the ease of communication between players. This is absolutely essential in keeping players interested in playing. Lots of times ppl would just like to sit and chat for awhile rather than constantly que games. Please talk with people who played a lot during that time and they can help make this platform much better. I’d be happy to help if any developers wanted to get in touch with me.

Up for it. Lobby needs a rework. It must show games in progress and the numbers of players online. Now a days when you are online looking for a game you only see the waiting rooms and you feel like there are less players .
And yes, it needs a general chat, an easier way to chat, clan support and dynamic lobby information (so we dont need to refresh each 5 seconds ).