The march PUP in a nutshell + photo mode photos

Well, nice update bro. A lot of fancy thing that players will surely like, i know i did.

Apart from an upcoming event that will unlock British explorer skins and 8 of march portraits, there are a couple of highlights to check out once its available.

  • A bunch of new British cards, 1 which has the new RANGER unit available if the bowman is not your preference, also, the flippin BATTLESHIP is finally in-game, and it’s so cool! (Oh, and some bowmen re-skin).

  • New voices for the Lakota and Haudenosaunee units, especially nice for the Haudenosaunee since they didn’t have that many distinct unit voices.

  • New flare system, nice addition, adding a simbol to the special flares will perfect it.

  • The photo mode, the sky in day and night are awesome, only wish we had them at the time of the SEPTEMBER SCREENSHOT CONTEST hahah, 'cause the skybox was a hassle to work with.

  • And as always, balance changes, make sure to update your decks, especially British and Hausa.

As for the photo mode, i would also like a chance to turn off the alpha coloring (units are highlighted behind bushes) and unit health bars within the options in the photo mode, so there wont be any need to go back and forth the main options menu when you are ready to keep playing.
Also, extra skyboxes and lighting would be dope :slight_smile: (beyond requests, props to you guys, the sky looks beautiful).

Also, happy women’s day! :smile:


I love the changes to the Brits. The rangers are extremely cool and really make them feel like a “modern” army. These Rangers are also in addition to the stronger Roger’s Rangers.

There’s a mod out there that replaces the explorer with a female version - I wonder if that might make it into game? I hope so, along with some additional campaign characters!


Very cool, the end of the map should also be different than void, when in photo mode or are those unexplored territories?

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That, and an option to turn off the fog-of-war and obscured unit alpha in the photo would be awesome.

It’s both.

Nice photos! We’re excited to see what the community is capable of, even while Photo Mode is in a Beta stage. :grin:


Whoever had the idea of the photo mode should get a promotion or something.