The maximum of new civs that we can get

There are several discussions about how many civs we can get, and some propose like 20-30, but is tecnically imposible, look at this (From the game files):
10267 “Full Random”
10268 “Mirror”
10270 “Random”
10271 “Britons”
10272 “Franks”
10273 “Goths”
10274 “Teutons”
10275 “Japanese”
10276 “Chinese”
10277 “Byzantines”
10278 “Persians”
10279 “Saracens”
10280 “Turks”
10281 “Vikings”
10282 “Mongols”
10283 “Celts”
10284 “Spanish”
10285 “Aztecs”
10286 “Mayans”
10287 “Huns”
10288 “Koreans”
10289 “Italians”
10290 “Indians”
10291 “Incas”
10292 “Magyars”
10293 “Slavs”
10294 “Portuguese”
10295 “Ethiopians”
10296 “Malians”
10297 “Berbers”
10298 “Khmer”
10299 “Malay”
10300 “Burmese”
10301 “Vietnamese”
10302 “Bulgarians”
10303 “Tatars”
10304 “Cumans”
10305 “Lithuanians”
10306 “Burgundians”
10307 “Sicilians”

Now look the available civ spaces:
10308 “ReservedCivG”
10309 “ReservedCivH”
10310 “ReservedCivI”
10311 “ReservedCivJ”
10312 “ReservedCivK”
10313 “ReservedCivL”
10314 “ReservedCivM”
10315 “ReservedCivN”
10316 “ReservedCivO”
10317 “ReservedCivP”
10318 “ReservedCivQ”
There are only 11 available for new civs, so if we still get new civs via DLC, it will most likely be by 2 each one, and regarding the election, it should be of unexplored areas, empires and Kingdoms, NOT minor cultures or kingdoms that are like 100% covered by existing civs (cough…cough… Burgundians inclusion) or the request of dividing Slavs or Indians by like 7 factions as some propose here (just 2 more Indian civs are enough).


Doesn’t mean they can’t add new reserves


Why 48? It should be 50 then. Of course with 0 more European civs.


6x8 is a Nice grid, almost a square. 5x10 would be to rectangular with smaller icons… maybe they don’t want to redisign the selection menú, only devs would know…

But 11 more factions is a lot, i do think we are going ti get poles and another euro civ with them. But I hope (want) most of them from asia and Africa

I think they can add more civs, if they want. They remade the game from scratch.

48 is the limit civilization count for the original game too with user patch installed.

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for money sake, im sure they could add more if they wanted to

I doubt they can do that with the game engine limitations.

imo they should be able to change it, may or may not affect core engine.

also, they could go for add-ons that allow additional things to be added that way they dont need to edit core game.