The Mexico Build Order Nerf were justified, yet

whilst I personally think some of the unit nerfs were a bit too much, and some strong strats are still available, what bothers me is that only new civs get nerfed.

What’s with Japan being S+ tier for ages now: autogathering pop shirnes that give intel about enemy movement, which can’t be taken down because then they mass ashis behind that, ashis countering almost everything, yumis deleting both skirms and muskets; Shoguns with heal and even splash damage later on. Shrines forbidding you to move on that hunt, etc. It’s the most broken civ I see on the ladder.

What’s with Brits absoluetly overperforming late game, with archers almost competing with cav.

Mexico’s unit’s fall flat in the lategame and are too expensive in the early game. The gather rates are much lower than other civs, you need to send almost 4 cards to just touch the gatherrate for gold on haciendas, and cows spawn too slowely to be viable in this respect. Insurgente can’t compete with cav when they get shredded harder than any other unit, rendering them pretty tough to play late.

How do you see the balance currently? Inca and Dutch, Brit obv. sitting pretty high up as well.

EDIT: I love Japanese, don’t get me wrong, but for a competitive environment with gameplay/civ variety I would hope that the other civs can be on par. Also I prefer buffs over nerfs, lifting others to the S tier nations. But we’ll see, not even saying that the devs are doing a bad job, in time balance will get better or at least shift.

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Agree, mexico FI with central america revolution was disgusting, especially since then you could send 9 (!) soldados and 2 falc not even 10 minutes into the game… On this, they removed a falc, but 9 (!) soldados are still a thing somehow… Oh, and soldados didn’t got touched, while Salteadores got nerfed… A unit that is not being used since it has lower value than soldados… The changes were a total mess, although the objective was good…


I’m sorry, what??

Japan has been nerfed several times in DE, I think it is time to l2p against it?

The problem here is that haciendas are not competitive in late game, and do not make up for reduced worker count. I think they should bump worker limit to 85 to compensate. But everyone was doing the FI, and nobody tried anything else, so it is hard to get data for proper balancing.

Salteadores lategame can’t even beat muskets at this point unfortuntately, but maybe that’s just me ?

Dunno, i’m jusr irked by the speed nerf that was unwarranted imo… I didn’t run the math yet, but i also think they can be countered by normal skirms unless fully carded… They having also less range than a normal skirm might seems they are less capable to beat muskets since muskets can close that gap safer than against normal skirms… Unless fully carded, but then i think that a skirm fully carded can still beat salteadores…

Personally what annoys me about Saltadores is you can’t get more than 19 range without spending 2000 resources on an age 4 card that gives transforms your current saltadores into skirmishers with less damage/speed. I think since their speed got nerfed it would be nice if maybe the card that gives more range gives +3 range instead of +2 or instead they get +1 range with either their veteran or guard upgrade. It would be nice to have 20 range.


True, but with that plan they get to 21 range, imo it should be lowered as price, but remain the same… For me Salty were my dream unit, fast, slightly more damaging than normal skirms but slightly less HP than normal skirms… Also available in age 2… There was a way to get “Salty” with 20 range, maya revolution, but they got nerfed to 19 range… And with them you cannot get increased range with a card i think… I dunno if observers work on them, but i think it doesn’t… GG devs…