The Mongol campaign is not called Mongol Horde

The Mongol campaign in the game it titled “The Mongol Empire,” but the book in the intro cinematic is titled “The Mongol Horde” and the Qubilai Khan profile picture description states it was awarded for completing the “Mongol Horde campaign”.

This obviously is not game breaking, but for the sake of continuity I would prefer the actual title of the campaign “The Mongol Empire” be used. Especially since the word “horde” is an European corruption of the Mongolian word “ordo” which simply means village or camp which is starkly different from the connotation of the word “horde”. Considering the campaign is played from the perspective of the Mongols it is silly to use a Europeanized bastardization of their language to describe them.

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Thank you for the feedback @MoDaddyXbox! The campaign was indeed called “The Mongol Horde” at one point. I’ll make sure the team sees this. Much appreciated!