The most balanced game haha ( tipis+2 cards of tipis)


which 2 tipis cards?

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Age of Empires 3 Definitive Unbalanced

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see cards of lakotas , have 2 tipis card.
one to increase attack and resistance of units and another to increase limit of construction of tipis and resistance of tipis

i vote that aura damage and aura resistance should be visible for enemy and for the player using the civilization.
So we can now where the units are not affected by the bonus aura
Mortars can destroy 1 on 1 hit though, and damage another five if they are located very tigh together like in 2nd photo
they have 450 hp with hitpoints card, and could be 40% more of the basis hp using naother card

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And you only know this now? This has been a feature of Sioux since release. The Spiffing Brit made a Youtube video about it.

Sioux/Lakota have always been unbalanced as all hell, from not needing to build Houses and getting the fastes Age Ups possible (all Vills on Food and Gold, since none of their Cavalry needs Wood also, so you can just keep them there 95% of the match), to having the strongest stacking buffs and the strongest Age 2 Cavalry which gets dirt cheap in Age 3.

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yeah i knew it , but now the resistance is madness xD i played against lukas_L99 whit sioux in treatry , i know how work teepes , but thank you for your opinion

U don’t know how to deal with Lakota so complaining . Lakota are the one of the weakest civs .

U just need mortors 3-4 to kill tepee , and 1-2 cannons and keep unit arround to protect them from warcheif . Lakota economy can’t sutain long fight .

Mortor one hit kill teepee , it’s easy to keep teepe number down . And for Lakota players it’s not easy to build teepee fast due to unit path finding issue .

Lakota always had that teepee thing . And Lakota since always had been one of the weakest civ in treaty , even today .

In de tepee attack aura range is nerfed . Making thei army weaker . Little eco boost can’t make them viable vs good players .

Need to learn and accomodate instead of complaining.

pics u shares are on curtom mode , u can’t have that many teepee at precise position in real game

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Mameluk to the first two: finally! a worthy oponnent, our battle will be legendary

The Teppe mechanic is powerful. It needs to be nerfed. Someone made an entire video mocking the mechanic.

  1. Notice the circle, check unit stats, see ridiculous stats
  2. Realize that your opponent just invested 1600w in static defence
  3. Make a mortar or two
  4. Win

Sioux are actually weak , need buff in treaty

No they do not, they are a great Cav Rush civ in 1v1. Any buff to Treaty, will make them the new French in 1v1.
Axe Riders already crush everything in Age 2.

Who asked u to buff their age 2 ??? Buff their age 5 , Sioux hardly goes to age 5 in non treaty game . They don’t have eco to go that far .

They can go Fast Fortress with only 200 Wood (for Stables). They need no buffs.

Read comment , they need buff in treaty , who use ff in treaty like that ???

Whoops! I think it’s the first time that I agree with you