The most op Elephant, camel, defensive and booming civ ( based on sotl's video)

Tech tree: khmer
Team bonus: units resist conversion (teutons)
-Stable units cheaper (berbers)
-cav hp (franks)
-Elephants cheaper (malay)

  • less bonus damage (sicilians)
    -cav speed (cumans)
    UU: war elephant
    UT: Farimba and chivalry

Team bonus : camels damage vs buildings ( indians)

  • stable cheap (berbers)
  • cav hp (franks)
  • farm speed gather rate ( slavs)
  • gold speer gather reate (turks)
  • camels +10 hp (saracens)

UU: coustillier ( there was no camel rider UU and the coustillier can deal with archers easy )
UT: zealotry ( saracens) and Farimba

team bonus: walls cheaper (mayans)

  • building hp ( byzantines)
  • tower upgrade free ( old koreans)
  • castle cheaper ( franks)
  • buildings - 15% stone ( incas)
    UU: samurai (fast creation in case of emergency)
    UT: yasama and crenelations

Byzantines ( full eco upgrades)
Team bonus: farms +45 food (chinese)

  • cheap farms (teutons)
  • tc work rate (persians)
  • vill cheap ( indians)
  • farm speed gather rate (slavs)
  • free wheelberow and hand cart ( vikings)
    UU: conquistador
    UT: sulans, first crusade

You saw the one about the archers actually paying back gold when you train them? :joy::joy: Kamandaran + mayan discount = earn infinite gold :joy::joy:

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There is the Mameluke? Or you could skirt the rules a little bit, use a tech tree with full cavalry blacksmith (although I get the appeal of not giving the ultimate camel civ knights that benefit from half their bonuses too) and take Imperial Camel as either the unique unit or a civ bonus. Indian tech tree with Camel Archer as the UU might work too, at least thematically.

I would also consider the Indian cavalry armor bonus instead of the extra HP from Saracens or the gold rather rate, especially as you have zealotry and the Frank bonus already. And I would consider switching out the team bonus for some economic bonus, maybe faster stables or extra relics gold or something. Yes, +4 is very strong, but Camels attacking buildings is far enough from ideal that I don’t know if it’s worth it.

Sorry, I just like camels…

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Apart from their anti-cavalry bonus, I don’t see much use in them since they have the same attack as the Hussar while costing a lot more and having less pierce armour.

hmmmmm… :unamused:

I’d like to make a few tweaks to your OP Elephant civ :

Tech tree : Vietnamese
While it lacks the last melee upgrade, it offers FU Elite Skirm which cover our Elephants weaknesses against Spear and Archers.

Civ bonuses :

  • Battle Elephants -30% cost (malay)
  • Units resist 50% of bonus dmg (sicilians)
  • Cavalry is 5/10/15% faster (Cumans)
  • Farmers work 10% faster (Slavs)
  • TC work 5/10/15/20% faster (Persians)
    The idea here is to make Battle Elephants cheaper, faster, and sturdier, as well as having a quick booming economy to get faster to Castle Age and sustain our production of Battle Elephants.

Unique techs : Chivalry (Franks) and Farimba (Malians)
Faster working Stables is obvious, and Farimba offset the lack of Blast Furnace.

Unique Unit : Ballista Elephant
While War Elephant seems like an obvious choice, it is redundant with our Battle Elephants and isn’t affected by our discount bonus nor the faster training time. Ballista Elephant benefit from most techs used by Battle Elephants, making it an obvious choice to stick with the Elephants theme. I thought of Archer Elephants as well, but the lack of Parthian Tactics and need of Archer techs would make it too hard to use.

Team bonus : units are more resistant to conversion
Takes care of our last weakness, Monks.

I feel like we’ll get to revisit the most OP camel civ soon. Apparently there’s a bunch of juicy bonuses coming, including another discount, more melee armor and more bonus damage. That could be just what we needed to make this concept about as ridiculous as other units’ most OP possible covs.

what is this list meant to describe? Assuming someone hasn’t watched SotL’s video, it’s indecipherable.

Is it, like, meant to be just a list of all techs that the game has? One can open tech browser for that.

There is a website where you can make your own civs and put them into the game.
In his video SotL tries to make the most op ones.
Just google aoe2 civbuilder

O yeah, sorry. It was a reasonably big thing the month it came out, but I just dug it back up with no context. What Player said. You basically combine existing bonuses ans techs to make a new civ. Since then I think options for some new bonuses were added, and some sort of balancing point system, but at the time of those videos it was a bit simpler.

The tool is actually by a forum member here, KrakenLord9254.

ah ok ty for clarifying. Would help to have this in the OP for those who never used the site before.

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Infantry Civilizations

Tech Tree: Incas

Goths: Barracks units are 20%/25%/30%/35% cheaper in the Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.
Japanese: Infantry attacks 33% faster starting in the Feudal Age.
Burmese: Infantry units have +1/+2/+3 attack in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.
Malians: Barracks units have +1/+2/+3 pierce armor in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.
Bulgarians: Militia line units are upgraded for free.

Castle UU: Gbeto (Malians) or Teutonic Knight (Teutons)

Castle UT:
1- Perfusion: +100% Barracks work speed (Goths)
2- Druzhina: Infantry deals trample damage (Slavs)

Team Bonus:
Goths: Barracks work 20% faster.

Archer Civilizations

Tech Tree: Japanese

Mayans: Archers are 10%/20%/30% cheaper in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.
Britons: Foot archers have +1/+2 range in the Castle/Imperial Age.
Ethiopians: The Archer line fires 18% faster.
Sicilians: Archers receive 50% less bonus damage.
Tatars: Archers deal +25% damage when attacking from higher elevation. Parthian Tactics and Thumb Ring are free.

Castle UU: Genoese Crossbowman (Italian)

Castle UT:
1- Kamandaran: Foot archers cost no gold (Persian)
2- Yeoman: Increases foot archer range by +1 (Britons)

Team Bonus:
Saracens: Foot archers have +2 attack against standard buildings.

Cavalry Archer Civilizations

Tech Tree: Saracens

Mongols: Cavalry Archers fire 25% faster.
Huns: Cavalry Archers are 10%/20% cheaper in the Castle/Imperial Age.
Vietnamese: Cavalry Archers have +20% hit points.
Tatars: Cavalry Archers deal +25% bonus damage from cliffs and elevations. Thumb Ring and Parthian Tactics are free.
Cumans: Cavalry Archers move 10%/15% faster in the Castle/Imperial Age.

Castle UU: Mangudai or Kipchak

Castle UT:
1- Sipahi: Cavalry Archer units +20 hit points (Turks)
2- Recurve Bow: Cavalry Archers + 1 range and attack (Magyars)

Team Bonus:
Tatars: Cavalry Archers have +2 LOS

Cavalry Civilizations

Tech Tree: Persians

Franks: Stable units +20% HP starting in the Feudal Age
Berbers: Stable units are 15%/20% cheaper in the Castle/Imperial Age.
Burgundians: Stable technologies are 50% cheaper. Cavaliers are available in the Castle Age.
Portuguese: The Knight line costs -20% gold. Researching Stable technologies and technologies that benefit Stables is 30% faster.
Lithuanians: Each garrisoned Relic gives +1 attack to Knights and Leitis (maximum +4).

Castle UU: Cataphract (Byzantines) or Leitis (Lithuanians)

Castle UT:
1- Stirrups: +33% Cavalry attack speed (Bulgarians)
2- Farimba: Stable units +5 attack (Malians)

Team Bonus:
Teutons: Units resist conversion

Siege Civilizations

Tech Tree: Ethiopians

Celts: Siege Weapons fire 20% faster.
Slavs: Siege Workshop units are 15% cheaper.
Portuguese: Siege Workshop units cost –20% gold. Researching Siege Workshop technologies and technologies that benefit the Siege Workshop is 30% faster.
Chinese: Siege Workshop technologies and technologies that benefit Siege Workshops are 15%/20% cheaper in the Castle/Imperial Age.
Aztecs: Siege Workshop units are created 11% faster.

Castle UU: Ballista Elephant (Khmer)

Castle UT
1- Iron Cloud (Teutons)
2- Torsion Engines (Ethiopians)

Team Bonus:
Celts: Siege Workshops work 20% faster.

Monk Civilizations

Tech Tree: Spanish

Aztecs: Monks gain 5 HP for every researched Monastery technology.
Burmese: Monastery technologies are 50% cheaper.
Teutons: Monks have double healing range.
Portuguese: Monks cost 20% less gold. Upgrades that benefit Monks are researched 30% faster.
Chinese: Technologies that benefit Monks are 15%/20% cheaper in the Castle/Imperial Age.

Castle UU: Missionary :slight_smile:

Castle UT:
1- Madrasah: 33% of a Monk’s gold cost are returned if the Monk gets killed (Saracens)
2- Inquisition: conversion rate improved (Spanish)

Team Bonus:
Aztecs: Relics generate 33% more gold.

Naval Civilizations

Tech Tree: Byzantines

Italians: Dock technologies are 33% cheaper. Fishing Ships cost 15 less wood. Cannon Galleons are 20% cheaper.
Saracans: Transport Ships have double HP and +5 transport capacity; Galleys attack 20% faster.
Persians: Docks have double HP and work 10%/15%/20% faster in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.
Berbers: Ships move 10% faster.
Vikings: Warships are 15%/15%/20% cheaper in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.

Castle UU: Caravel or Turtle Ship

Castle UT:
1- Carracks: +1 Ship armor and pierce armor (Portuguese)
2- Thalassocracy: Upgrades Docks into Harbors (Malay)

Team Bonus:
Japanese: Galleys have +50% LOS.

Gunpowder Civilizations

Tech Tree: Portuguese

Turks: Gunpowder units have +25% HP. Gunpowder technologies are 50% cheaper. Chemistry is free
Italians: Hand Cannoneers are 20% cheaper.
Spanish: Hand Cannoneers and Bombard Cannons fire 18% faster.
Burgundians: Hand Cannoneers have +25% attack.
Portuguese: The Feitoria becomes available for building in the Imperial Age.

Castle UU: Conquistador and Turtle Ship

Castle UT:
1- Shatagni: +1 Hand Cannoneer range (Indians)
2- Arquebus: Improved gunpowder unit accuracy against moving targets Bombard Cannon and Bombard Tower projectiles move faster (Portuguese)

Team Bonus:
Turks: Gunpowder units are created 25% faster.

Camel Civilizations

Tech Tree: Indians

Byzantines: Camel Riders are 25% cheaper.
Cumans: Camel Riders move 10%/15% faster in the Castle/Imperial Age.
Franks: Stable units +20% HP starting in the Feudal Age
Indians: Camel Riders have +1/+2 pierce armor in the Castle/Imperial Age.
Tatars: Camel Riders deal 50% bonus damage from elevations.

Castle UU: Mameluke and Imperial Camel Rider

Castle UT:
1- Maghrabi Camels: Camel units regenerate (Berbers)
2- Zealotry: +20 Mameluke and Camel Rider hit points (Saracens)

Team Bonus:
Indians: Camel Riders have +4 attack against standard buildings.

Elephants Civilizations

Tech Tree: Khmer

Malay: Battle Elephants are 30% cheaper.
Burgundians: Stable technologies are 50% cheaper. Elite Battle Elephants are available in the Castle Age.
Khmer: Elite Battle Elephants are 15% faster.
Franks: Cavalry units have +20% HP.
Berbers: Stable units are 15%/20% cheaper in the Castle/Imperial Age.

Castle UU: War Elephants

Castle UT:
1- Stirrups: +33% Cavalry attack speed (Bulgarians)
2- Farimba: Stable units +5 attack (Malians)

Team Bonus:
Teutons: Units resist conversion

Okay, ready to do another take on this, with the ultimate camel rush civ.

So the goal is to do as much damage as possible in early castle age using camels. I’m going to sacrifice quite some late game camel power for this goal, starting with the one tech tree that will let you make the first few camels as castle age is still coming in.

Tech Tree: Gurjaras

  • Camel Riders, Skirmishers, and Spearmen are 25% cheaper. (Byzantines)
  • Camel Riders attack 25% faster. (Hindustanis)
  • Mounted units deal +50% bonus damage. (Gurjaras)
  • Mounted units +20% HP (starting in the Feudal Age). (Franks)
  • Herdables contain +50% food. New Town Centers spawn two sheep starting in the Castle Age. (Tatars)

Team Bonus: Military production buildings (except Castles, Kreposts, and Docks) provide +5 population. (Slavs)
Unique Unit: Camel Archer (Berbers)
Unique Technologies:

  • Zealotry (camel units +20 HP) (Saracens)
  • Farimba (stable units +5 attack) (Malians)

I’d like to have grabbed another economy bonus to get to castle age and then ramp up production faster. But hey, there were camel bonuses to be gotten. Even if you get only one there are probably slightly better ones than this too. But it feels like a reasonable choice, a nice long lasting fast and safe food source for a fast castle build. The Byzantine discount stacks with the eco bonus and helps with the rush, but also with making skirmishers against any archers that come out to destroy the camels.

The camel archer is a thematically appropriate choice that works as a late game power unit to try and finish what the rush started, and it benefits a little bit from the Gurjaras bonus to bonus damage. No, that doesn’t combine super great with Farimba as the Imperial Age unique tech, Maghrebi Camels would go with that much better. But this is still supposed to be a camel rider civ, and +5 attack is too big to not pick up.

There aren’t super great options for a team bonus. Basically it was between this, the 20% faster working stables of the Huns and +2 attack vs. buildings for camel and light cavalry units of the Hindustanis. In the end I decided that since I didn’t grab two eco bonuses earlier getting to the rush was the most important thing here, and this way you save on some wood getting the pop space for your army. If you want to destroy buildings, use siege.

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