The most unbalanced thing in the game right now (Civilizations on Water Maps) and Variety to make it more interesing

Imagine if the game…
-Only had 4 offensive units, archers, cavalry, saboteurs (you know, those OP petards) and bombard cannons
-Only 3 unique units
-2/3 civs were waaaay better than the other ones so people picked only those…

That’s literally combat in water maps, it’s very, very boring, landings make them a bit more interesting, but if you lose water control no landing is gonna save you (only very rarely) That’s why people only play Italians, Portuguese and Vikings in those maps, those 3 civs clearly dominate in most games that are about water

What I think the devs should do:
-Make civs more balanced on water, I’m not saying all the civs should have some sick water bonus or something like that, just that a lot more civs that historically had good navies (Chinese, Koreans, Spanish, Turks, Khmer, etc) should be better represented like that in game to make water maps more varied and interesting (this one is the most likely and easy to implement)

-Add more water units, some ideas: the boarding ship (water melee monk) that was planned for the game but scrapped, a ramming ship, a repairing ship, etc. Maybe even more water unique units (this one is way less likely to be implemented, but it has precedent when the devs added feudal versions of the castle age ships)

I just want water maps to be fun instead of the same thing over and over again, what do you guys think?


Please no clickbait in the forum, just be precise with your title.

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Agreed. You can just make your point. We are not a YT crowd you need clicks from to please the algorithm

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They are trying but then people are crying that it’s just gimmicks… Some people just cant be pleased. (check the new Sicilians TB!)


Maybe because is indeed silly and toxic on islands

Something new… always silly and toxic -_- so what do you people want the devs to do?

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Is new yes but opened a stupid wat to play Islands:

Hahaha, that is creative, I have to admit. But that is hardly worse than laming you can do on open land maps :slight_smile:

Anyhow, people were complaining about the Feitoria dragging games out too long, the Sicilians seems like a pretty good counter pick to that. Land early, cause mayhem.

The only way to fix water balance would be to give civs water and land specific bonuses which would mean changes to a lot of civs.

I always wondered what if players could build bridges… maybe by a a new kind of ship, able to build bridges and repair other ships…

True, I’d also like to see more diversity on water. More water units (for instance we can have ram ship, onager ship, or even trebuchet ship), more water structures available in gameplay (like sea walls, sea towers, and bridges), and last but not least more water civs (Chams, Polynesians, Tamils, Swahili, etc.)

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These might come back as civi uu ships.

This shows why ramming ships was a bad idea.

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Delete fire galley in feudal ( micro war)
Make galley war (micro war)
That’s enough

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Just so long as the extra units are UUs

I think water is fun already, but yes it could be a lot better

Another dream I have is that they’ll make galleys 5-pop units (with approximately 5 times the cost, dps, health and training time)

If we make galleys more pop and stronger, we will get aoe 3 and 4 things.
I just dont like the concept. One huge ship might look cool, but it makes water even more snowbally


Instead of buff all other civs on water with uu and bonuses. Just nerf Portuguese, vikings, ans italaons. It is that easy.

Eventually other civs get a chance too.

How do we nerf?

  1. Italians Dock discount bonus gets lowered further. And some Dock techs cheaper like shipwright that other than Italians nobody can afford anyway.
  2. Vikings lose the cheaper docks bonus, (they have that right?), and only keep cheaper ships.
  3. Portugues lose carrack, and the UT replaced by land tech instead

Changing the the water unit aystem is a bit too much change in my opinion. Maybe a UU here and there in new dlcs but that’s about it.


Maybe promote hybrid maps? Not really sure how to fix water only maps

Habrid maps are boring, slow-paced and repetitive because of the fish boom.
Also highly unbalanced because some civs can snowball there extremely fast.

There need to be something done with the fish boom to “promote” hybrid maps. Currently there are just some “Hybrid map civs” that completely dominate hybrid if you know how to fish boom.

And if there isn’t anything on the water to fight about but fish… It’s a weird game mode where in the beginning almost everything is about water and in the lategame nobody cares.

ofc hybrid maps have their place in tournaments eg, but in the current meta hybrid maps are one of the most disbalanced things in the game because of the fish boom. Look at 4 lakes in . The first 5 civs have more than 50 % of all the games at 1650+. And only persians don’t have a very good winning record of them.

Agree, tho it is easier to fix fish eco alone than the water bonus of 4 civ vs other civs imo.

That would make everything even more boring