The Naturalist (Colonial Age Up Option) SUBLIME PORTE Strat for Ottomans

Has anyone else be able to develop any strat with this? is it viable at all? could it be better than The Quartermaster in 1v1 in a non-TP map situation?

So I’m fairly new to DE patch (i was 39PR in TAD some 100years ago :crazy_face:) and I notice this was redesigned in this expansion so i was trying to make it work somehow. I combined this age up with sublime port card (the one that converts all food to wood) by sending as second card during the age up process. you basically can have 1300+ wood by 4min mark and get the extra 2 settlers + 2 half fat cows (a quick 400food if gathered right away).

This strategy is for when no Trading Posts are available and it consists in a fast rush with enough wood to double barracks or barracks/stable and also getting mosque upgrades and market upgrades very early and also have enough wood left for houses.

Please check out the attached saved game replays… these are non-ranked matches… the opponents and I are around 1400-1500elo.
Let me know what you guys think! Please if you think it could be somehow improved any constructive criticism is welcome or any feedback at all.

hope you enjoy. :slight_smile:

NOTP_RUSH-VS-DUTCH.age3Yrec (2.7 MB)


There is no point to it. Since Ottos do not spend Food to make Vills, you really do not need the fattened Cows, and are much better off going Quartermaster, continuing on Food as you Age Up, and then just get the 400 Wood and drop a Barracks or Stables, to spend that Food on Jans or Hussars.

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thx for the reply… but did you watch the recorded games?

i think there’s a point to it though… when combined with the sublime porte card you get the extra wood similar to if you send the 700w as your second card after aging up would be… but instead you have it the wood available faster and with the 2 extra vils + 2 cows you make up with the food you lost by converting. I’ve tested and compared both ways and i doesnt make any difference on your initial army batch hence being a better eco option as the game continues because you have 2 extra vills


Interesting. I’m gonna try this out.

So I tried it out. It is actually quite interesting.I think it works OK even on maps that do have a TP. 1400 wood that early into the game is quite useful as it seems - it allows both aggressive play and turtling… The impact of the 2 villigers is also quite large, it easily allows you to go FF.

However, the disadvantage is the “wasted” shipment + food in age 1. Opportunistically it might be better than the standard 400+700 wood opening for ottomans.

The thing I like the most is being able to get all mosque upgrades in age 2.


Thank you for the reply. This is for non-tp map only! i wouldn’t do this if i want to FF…

Anyways going FF without TPS is much less effective :frowning: . What makes Otto FF strong is the fast shipments with 2 TPS + Mosque early for extra XP.

This strategy is MOSTLY for a non-tp map or maybe team games where is harder to control the tp route OR possibly even in a mirror situation where if you see the ottoman player going for stage coach you can get the route with your extra wood this way he wont control it

The way i think in most match ups (in a non-tp map) i wanna hurt my opponent eco early. So usually I go for market (hunting dogs + steel traps early) and send 700w as a second card for the usual double rax rush or foundry/stables

I really don’t see it as a “wasted card” though. Because by going with “The Naturalist” and sending sublime porte (as second card) during age up is actually better than the normal 400w from quatermaster + 700w(also second card) as you end up with the more wood faster!

Think of it this way by doing the hunting dogs + steel traps super early you have 30% faster food gathering rate (thats equivalent to 3vills for every 10settler on food + 2 settlers from the age up you basially have 5 more vills on food at 4min ) it makes up for the food you converted into wood back fast so it doesnt hurt your initial timing of army spam for early pressure and you eco will be much better as the games progresses.

Well it doesn’t kill the FF potential either. What I’m saying is that the build doesn’t really force you into prolonged age2 play, as it may look like at first glance. But it depends a lot on the map.

Well, by sending the sublime porte card, you essentially play an opportunity cost because it removed all your food. That cost depends a lot on maps. If I plan on doing this i’d probably try to secure at least 2 hunts early and herd them towards a safe spot, so that the opportunity cost of transforming food to wood is not that big and can be easily mitigated, because otherwise, you will be a bit slower than normal when dishing out your first batches of units.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on TP maps. I guess you just need to adjust wood allocation accordingly. 1400 wood is huge in age 2.

I think the biggest take away is allowing you to get all 3 villager creation upgrades from the mosque very early, and that affect snowballs over the course of the game. After all upgrades are done, you get a villager for free for only 4 or so seconds slower than the other civilizations. I’d say that’s huge in age 2, and in age 3, once you get the 2nd and 3rd TC, it’s just an insane boom.

Very interesting and creative build. Congratulations for it.

I don’t really play Ottomans too much, because I always thought that this civilizations have a very predictable gameplay. With this variation I might take another look on they and see if I can find other builds that adds more versatility to them as well. Maybe they aren’t as dull and predictable as I thought they were. :thinking:

EDIT: I don’t know why I replied JonOli for this. I want to just make normal a post. How do I undo the reply thing? :laughing:


you are correct… securing those hunts is always a priority :stuck_out_tongue:

its funny how the Sublime Porte card works… its not a flat percentage converted into wood… because i tried to calculate it varies greatly for the amount of food you have at the time it arrives. its more like exponential… the more food the greater the % conversion will be sort of thing

i guess if you wanna delay your batch of army and play more eco you can hold and send the card as you hit colonial… you will have A LOT more wood around 5:00min and get tps/mosque tech and 3 military builds lol

i did a build using similar variation with sublime porte and palace intrigue card. you can have 15 nizam fusiliers by 5:30min. with the recent patch that allows New Order Infantry to colonial age.

if you interested i can show some save games using it… i’ve beat 1600elo players using the nizam rush in colonial. it works pretty good vs some civs like Japanese/Brits/french/german. noone expects them that fast they do crazy damage to any infantry!

Thank you :smiley:

You should try the nizam rush its super fun… they are much stronger than the traditional janissary rush. and people dont expect them in colonial

edit: my recording where from old patch so it had was out-of-sync bug…
i recorded a skirmish again as a demo check it out let me know what you think :stuck_out_tongue:
NizamRush_demo.age3Yrec (3.8 MB)

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This is actually a really nice strat.

Thanks for the idea. To go nizam i usually go to fortress, but with this, well i guess no more :slight_smile:

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Haha I’m glad you liked it!! yea its a really good rush!..

After New Order Infantry is researched barracks produces 20% faster janissaries and also janissaries are buffed multipliers vs cavalry and shock infantry.

So you can follow up with more janissaries to finish the opponent. its actually OP vs Japanese which they usually go ashis at the start… Those Nizam kills ashigarus like flies :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

can you put it in a video format, for some reason i cant watch it

I saw Haitch playing a similar build on the ESOC stream of today.

(Game starts on about 2h and 21 minutes in the stream)

People on the chat was saying that this is theonlybaus build, but I never heard before.
Anyone have more information on this?

I actually saw that… but what he did was try to surprise the Portuguese player “water boom” by using sublime porte and have crazy amount of boats to fight… but the water boom was a fake out deck and never happened.

In which case and he went for a different build though.

He sent silkroad as first card which gives 25% bonus on crates and tps.

which is good on maps with at least 4 TPS. that card will also give you an extra 100w when it lands if you didnt gather all your initial starting wood crates (you have to leave then with at least 20left). enough to build 2 tps and 1 house right away.

the card will then give you more crates from the age up politician he chose the food one to get extra 625food before sublime porte lands.

i mean is not the same build at all… It just happens to use the same card sublime porte :slight_smile:

Yeah, the build was much more a anti-water variation, and not a rush.

Sublime Port could actually be used to make a fish boom as Ottomans, that might go around the fact that they have so many few vills.

I will try out Ottomans on the incoming weeks.

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I watched both of your games. This strategy is looking very nice! :wink:

With that build order Ottomans can have very strong eco at the beginning of age II - 10 additional villagers (3 + 5 from shipments and 2 from Naturalist politician), all 3 upgrades for quicker villager production in the Mosque and all needed food and coin upgrades in the Market.

I must say, I’m a big fan of this strategy :wink: Great job!

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