The nerfs to China|Mongolia need to be reverted or addressed

In terms of China, giving Zhuge Nus slight increase in armor penetration damage, so they can compete with feudal MAA seems to be a good way imho.

They are frigging expensive for what they do anyways with 60F 30W 30G

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I’m agree but it is a huge cost compared with the other civs

Mongolia might need a little nerf along with the french, as we saw in the tournament they were among the strongest civs, and one of the civs actually able to beat french

I main chin also… and not giving away all my secrets… chin is one of 2 covs that have the most defensive bldngs including landmarks. This does give them a decent edge in first two ages compared to french and others that have 1 or none

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Ehh i dont agree with his lower placement of chinese… he said they were difficult” to learn” i agree it took me an hour to read everything and formulate a design but implementation of their layouts was very simple… and they might honestly have be the least micro” civ

The only thing that would look good is that China had some more villagers at the beginning since it was indirectly nerfed by the increase of villagers from other civilizations.

Does chin start with a higher initial pop cap? I thought they had like 2-3 extra?

Different from the official description, the official said that China’s enemies must catch up with the changes in the Chinese dynasty to fight against China, but in fact, China does not have excess capacity to upgrade the dynasty, because the benefits of upgrading the dynasty are too roundabout and indirect. When China can change dynasties, it is often when China already has an advantage. Upgrading the dynasty is only an additional added value.

Good point, and also on the imperial you can have all units of all dynasties with the landmark.

It’s important to address these kind of issues with carefulness to not take away what makes each civilization unique and asymmetric in the first place. It’s okay for every civilization to have both strengths & weaknesses to make them stand out more for more variety.

You aren’t supposed to win every game against every match up because if we start balancing things we shouldn’t then, there is no point in having asymmetric civilizations. I hope that the developers don’t fall into the trap by listening to whiners on the forums because that will eventually hurt the game and the same people will be back whining how everything then is too similar.

That being said I agree that something needs to be addressed when it comes to China in particular.


The simplest solution: half price for China’s second landmark, slightly increase the anti Heavy Armor ability of Zhuge crossbow, and cancel the strange setting of three resource consumption. Choose two of these three solutions.