The new AI loses consistently to the old CD AI on extreme

… in a wonder race :slight_smile:

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.33315.0 426672


The new AI doesn’t seems to know how to play wonder race on extreme difficulty and even on lower difficulties it has weird behaviour which makes it lose even to the old CD AI.

On extreme difficulty, the new AI doesn’t seems to bother to even advance to the imperial age. It’s just stuck on castle age gathering food and wood.

I ran the game on hard difficulty once and on that difficulty level the AI knows what the ultimate objective is. Unfortunately, it starts build the wonder only after it has constructed at least one castle to protect it. Remember that in Wonder Race there is no combat and there are no enemies.

At least on hard game I ran the test only once and that game was close, but the the CD AI won that game. The new AI does not stand a chance against the HD AI though, because it’s much more faster than the CD AI.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start a wonder race game with new AI vs. CD AI. Set difficulty level to extreme. It doesn’t matter how many players there are.
  2. Wait around 30 in-game minutes. The old CD AI usually wins around 31 minute mark while new AI doesn’t even bother to advance to the Imperial Age

Wonder race seems to be the easiest “legitimate” way to beat the new AI on Extreme difficulty, in case someone is interested in getting the Prominent Player achievement but is not that good in the game. :wink:

Edit 17.12.2019: Appears to be fixed in the today’s patch.

As your edit says these issues should be fixed in this patch, the standard DE AI should be much more goal oriented in Wonder Race now. :slight_smile:

In some gamemodes (and difficulty levels) the CD AI also cheats (and always has), i would have to check but i think Wonder Race was one of these (and King of the Hill and some more) while the HD and DE AIs both never cheat.