The new Beta badge is a go !It looks like we are going to have another closed beta of AGE4!

I just got a new badge.I think after another closed beta of AGE4 , I will preorder the game.I hope they will fix so much , that I can finally preorder the game.


isnt the only reason to preorder it, to get the 2de DLC for free? o-O


I don’t have it yet, i think need to contact support :pensive:

I forgot to head tot he forums to give my feedback in time lol. I have a few suggestions still! Oh well, hopefully others suggested it all already. Maybe Steam will come out with some AOE4 Beta flair? =P

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Yes that really the only reason to preorder

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If you find a member with the AOE IV beta Scout badge(green one) they are pro and special players that belong to “The Community” they can take your feedback via private message maybe @AndyPXIII can help out on this end? Maybe advise on a better way to report feedback post-closed beta forum and survey?

you should have an email with a survey link for the beta, not sure if the survey is still active but that could be another way to provide feedback

The green ones, are Moderators of the Forums.

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if you got on you email, then you should log out , and log it again ;]


yup re-log is necessary.

I’ve sent an email to MS support about AoE2:DE badge and title. I’ve played beta, but don’t have them.
IV badge is prettier than the rest, love the style.

I’m hoping for a (significant) discount for beta testers. If not, i’ll wait for a sale :weary:

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how big should be the discount for testing?

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I think , at least 15 % ;]

I think we will have discounts for everyone.

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So, does this new badge work or not? :slight_smile:

Understood thank you for the clarification. But these badges: => Age IV Beta Scout <= my understanding, is reserve for members of the community correct? Or am I mistaking?

Beta Scouts are people who have played the game, far before the beta and were the " speak to" people to help new players
We also got the red icon, instead of the blue one ^-^

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Thank you! :slight_smile: Red looks dope too

A 30% discount would make me jump on it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well going back to my question - there should be a decent discount for people owning the entire series on Steam (or MS Store I guess?), but it’s a shame there is no discount code system on Steam. It would be cool to have like -5% code granted here for participating in the beta, without time expiration. So people can use now or during some winter sale on top of -25%…

Just a nice touch as a reward for (hopefully :slight_smile: ) being helpful in providing feedback and making IV a better product = potentially increasing sales.
Usually discount codes are present on 3rd party sites selling keys, but it could totally work on Steam and would be a great fit for situations like this one.