The new Dutch card Dutch States Army (III) doesn't improve shipment speed arrival PUP

The new Dutch card doesn’t improve shipment speed arrival as it says it does. Neither for one time use merc cards nor for infinite mercenary shipments.

Hi there,
This card does not make infinite merc shipments arrive more quickly. Just the one-time cards.

Hey there,
I tried both and it doesn’t affect neither one. The description of the card also doesn’t correlate with what you are saying. I personally think that a big part of that specific bonus’ value is related to infinite merc shipments but that is not up to me to decide. IMO if that proves to be OP then nerf it, but I wouldn’t assume it beforehand.

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You’re right, it isn’t working correctly for non infinite cards. Thanks for reporting this issue.

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No problem; thank you for your receptiveness.