The new name for the Chinese Variant Civilization

Firstly, thank you to the developers for their attention to the needs of the players. Variant civ is a good idea. With the release of variant civs for gameplay, I can understand that these variants civs may deviate from some history, and such changes can indeed bring different gaming experiences. We already have an initial civilization that can restore history, and adding a unique variant civilization with unique gameplay is still acceptable.
As a Chinese player, what I am most concerned about is Chinese variant civs, and the name of Chinese variant civs. Thank you very much to the developers for listening to the players’ ideas and making changes. But this change only turns a fictional Empire of Jade into a historical figure. Developers seem to want players to understand their ideas, but their expressions are always inaccurate and easily misunderstood by players. The variant civs of China is still very abstract, and this name still lacks Chinese characteristics.
According to the information currently available, the Zhu Xi’s Legacy, a variant of Chinese civs, may come from Confucianism, and they named Chinese variant civ the Empire of Jade before,I guess is because jade culture is one of the foundations of Confucianism.Confucianism has indeed influenced the feudal period of the entire Chinese dynasty. ZhuXi is the inheritor of Confucianism, and the flag of Chinese variant civilization is Phoenix. In ancient China, Confucius was regarded as a phoenix, and Phoenix may also represent ZhuXi, because Zhuque(朱雀) is also a type of phoenix. Although Zhu Xi has nothing to do with Zhuque, he is only surnamed Zhu(朱).But I believe that variant civs should not be limited to a single man. For an entire civilization, especially a civilization with thousands of years of history, a person is really insignificant.
My suggestion is to directly use the Confucianists to name Chinese variant civilization. It can be called Confucianism-Taoism and Confucian legacy or Confucian inherit, Confucian orthodoxy,expressed in Chinese is that 儒道,儒家遗产,儒家传承,儒家道统, or even the Chinese variant civs named after with just one word, Ru(儒). Names of all Chinese dynasties just have only one word, such as the Tang(唐), Song(宋), Yuan(元), and Ming(明) dynasties in AOE4, which is in line with Chinese customs. The name is simple but has many meanings. If the developers insists on naming ZhuXi’s legacy, I believe it can be changed to ZhuZi, the Zhu Zi’s legacy. ZhuZi is a respected title for ZhuXi by the ancient Chinese people.Or use only one word, Zhu(朱). Every word in Chinese contains many meanings. Zhu(朱) can represent Zhu Xi, Zhu(朱) can also represent Zhu Que, and ZhuQue(朱雀) is also very close to the totem phoenix of the Chinese variant civs flag. There is also a final name, which may be a bit magical. The Confucian theory founded by Zhu Xi is called Neo Confucianism, and Neo Confucianism is also called Daoism. Therefore, if a Chinese variant is called Dao(道), it would be cool. However, there will definitely be a lot of controversy because the meaning of the word “Dao” is many, involving some religious myths. I simply believe that the word “Dao” is very cool.I know these names may not be accurate, but believe me, not many people really like Zhu Xi’s legacy.
Anyway, everything will have to wait for DLC to release and we will know. It is already difficult to remake the gameplay before DLC releases, but before this DLC release, I think there are many things that can be improved again. I hope to see more players’ concerns and make the final version of this DLC more perfect.


That’s right:not many people really like the name“Zhu Xi’s legacy”.
Even Chinese people find it difficult to associate this name with a specific dynasty or historical period.
The Song Dynasty thinkers led by Zhu Xi deeply influenced the education, culture, and politics of the Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties after the Southern Song Dynasty. When the official told us a civilization named “Zhu Xi’s legacy”, it was a vague message, and I am not sure what it specifically refers to? In some specific historical discussion scenarios, Zhu Xi’s ideological successors even covered the Korean Peninsula, Japan, and some Southeast Asian countries. This is even more confusing. We believe that the official can give the new Chinese civilization a more accurate name.
Of course, this name may mean that the new Chinese civilization will not be a specific regime or dynasty, but only a partial change in the gameplay of the old Chinese civilization, adding some specific philosophical technology and philosophical units. :smiley:


The Jeanne and Zhu Xi factions names are very weird. They aren’t names representing a faction or group of people. They’re going to make the list of “civs” very inconsistent.


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I’m afraid that, even of It sounds cool, that name won’t solve the originale issue. Maybe maybe something like “Daoist Chinese” could do it, sounds like a faction.

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Aparently the new civ is designed around a “what-if” scenario for China following Zhu Xi’s teaching. While an alt-history civ design will probably annoy some people, the name at least is fitting.

Well, if this is the case, I hope the design of the production team can match the historical common sense as much as possible. If it is too absurd, some history lovers will certainly complain about it.

We should call it 圣女贞德 (Chinese)

Jeanne d’arc i think is a fine name considering the civ is based around her so that’s really the best way to convey what the civ is.

It’s not too consistent woth other name, but if you think of it as a shortcut of “French with focus on Jeanne D’arc” it’s actually make more sense.

Zhu xi legacy though i really have no idea what it means so not only the civ name isn’t consistent but it also doesn’t really convey well what the civ is about.

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