The new range attack for assassins/agents hindering?

I fine the range attack that they get from the card whether it be the rifle shot or pistol one, to be more hindering as its very slow to activate and will over kill most of the time. For example lets say you have 20 agents and 5 targets if you dont mirco 5 agents each from the 20 they will all attack the same 1 or 2 targets and attempt to shoot it, some will hit some will not because the target is already dead (if its a merc unit) and will some times reset their ability so they try again waisting another 3 sec to use the ability and repeat. Would like to have a disable ability toggle button or just simply have them shoot faster with there abilitys. Its very annoying to have a cool sneak on top of some canon moments but then realize that even when they are stacked on top of the cannon they will try and use their range shot ability first before melee attack… and hurts even more when chasing targets down when all u want to do is slow them down but your agents instead stops and uses it range ability instead of snaring, could also make its abilities do less damg and make it a range snare aoe like those lassos attack from the California revolt cav from mexico. There are just so many times where i find my self chasing a group of ranged targets that i know i can catch up to and kill and snare/surround but the lack of control over the ability’s just hurts then benefits, might get a few kills in but not a total route. Anyone else feeling this with the new range ability?