The new version of the Monk problem

Since the update, the monk has become extremely sick and has a healing speed of 7.5 points per second. This unit heals more damage than most feudal units, come on, even though it’s expensive, it’s too high. The monks of the Holy Roman Empire and the Delhi Sultanate have now become the most powerful fighting units of the pre-castle age.

Rose’s battle Monks now heal instead of charge, a stupid change, the “A” key is also an attack shortcut for Rus Monks, right? Can we get a new shortcut for therapy?

Regarding the rus monks, there is a toggle button (hotkey) for monk healing, this should do the trick, when you actually want to charge attack with warrior monks instead of healing.

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Thank you dude, but I decided to stay away from AOE4 for a while because of this:

I found these units unbeatable, almost as strong as the Original Chinese The King Tiger Heavy Tank.

The Holy Roman Empire’s economy and monk therapy were too much

Do RUS warrior monks actually heal instead of charge? I have seen they not heal unless out of combat or manually tell them to heal a unit.