The new Vietnamese bonus is fantastic

For those who don’t know, not only do economic technologies not cost wood, but now they’re also researched 100% faster. This is actually really good, and makes researching Wheelbarrow worth it, as it is researched in mere seconds, instead of forgoing three villagers to get it. The Vietnamese are gonna be so far ahead of most civilizations because they can actually make Wheelbarrow practical to get, especially since it doesn’t cost wood. They’re gonna be like the Vikings, but with extra steps.

175 food still to much for a +1 vil, you need to have at 30-35 vils to get wellbarrow which means %3-4 better eco while mayans start with +1 vils which means average %16 better eco at same time.
Thera are many situation to add thid calculation but i just calculate vils.

I think you calculated wrong. Wheelbarrow gives 10% more resource gathering per villager on average.

As for Vietnamese, this civ is newcomer S-tier civ side by side Incas, Malians, Portuguese and Malay.

I did not calculate wellbarrow eco. Mayans start with 4 vils which means they will have %33 better eco until first vil born, then %25 more until second vil born, then 20 more until 3th vil born… so mayans will have average %16 better eco when they clicked well barrow (around 30 vils, maybe less).

Chinese has 2 extra villagers which means +32% better eco according to this calculation. I think 1 extra villager is like +7% better eco until 30 villagers and +14% for Chinese on average.

The implication of how you’ve worded this is that you don’t consider Wheelbarrow to be worth researching, which definitely isn’t the case.

Wheelbarrow is certainly worth researching, but most high-level players put it off considerably because it takes as long to research as three villagers to create, so they don’t typically research it until later, especially since it’s so expensive. My point is that while it’s still pretty expensive as the Vietnamese, it pays off to research it earlier, because it’s researched so quickly.


Ofc chinese have %32 better, that is why chinese are number 1 pic at tournaments, but they start with 0 food as compensite.

I dont think so. You should rather compare 1.5 villagers to the ~10% faster farming, instead of the 175f cost. Because after minute 13 or 14 you should start to float food (200 maybe) for castle age, unless you go heavy on scouts.

The SOTL message was that wheelbarrow is better than 3 villagers starting from 20 farmers (or 30-35 villagers). So for vietnamese, it is more around 10 farmers, assuming you have the 175f 50w at this point. You probably research wheelbarrow around minute 14 with vietnamese.

How do you come to 16% ? It should be something like 6% at the 30th vil with a 20 vils up time: a regular civ gets ~550 vils.25s, Mayans get +35 vils.25s.

How do you come to 32% ? It should be something like 9% at the 30th vil with a 20 vils up time: a regular civ gets ~550 vils.25s, Chinese get +50 vils.25s.

I would add more.
3 villagers cost 150 food and 75 seconds. The villagers are trained in succession, so when the third villager arrives, you have had 75 seconds of villager working time (25 from the first one while training the second one, and 25 from the first and the second while waiting for the third)

Wheelbarrow costs 175 food, 50 wood and 75 seconds of research time (with their 75 seconds of villager working time)

Thus, the neat cost of wheel barrow is 25 food, 50 wood, 3 villagers and 75 seconds of villager time. The neat cost is 25 food because you save 150 foods from the villagers youndont make while wheelbarrow is resesrching. The deal is that you need to have 175 food in your bank before researching it.

For vietnamese, the calculations are different. The neat cost for them is 100 food, 1,5 villagers and 12,5 seconds of working time. The neat cost is higher in food because you dont save as much resources from not creating villagers.

Thus, if you happen to have spare food, you can afford the price when the tech brings more than its cost to the table (that is, if the increase of villager efficiency is higher than those 1,5 villagers plus villager working time). This would be reasonable when you have around 10 farmers

If you are tight of food due to build orders of being under pressure, then it is wise to wait before using 100 neat food for not urgent purposes.

However, in the worst case, the buff is even decent if you research wheelbarrow as usual (with 20 farmers) because of that extra 1,5 villagers you get at the end of feudal in this case.

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Ok, i finally tried new vietnamese (against goths!) but, after researching wheel barrow earlier, then I didnt focus in the buff anymore because I was busy defending myself. Still, I won with CA.

Vikings : Guys, what are you talking about? Why can’t I understand any mathematics here?