The New War Elephant New Cost

What are your thoughts on this?

This seems like a good overall buff for the Persians. Not too insane. Still, this unit still seems like a team-based unit to be used in black forest or something. They cost 10 extra gold, but 30 less food. Stil does not seem viable for a 1v1 game.

New cost 170 food, 85 gold. The gold cost isn’t a big issue, since you will need trade carts to keep pumping out these elephants. It was mostly the food cost that made them somewhat weak.

War elephants are not supposed to be viable in 1v1. They’re a post post imp unit. And mustsay, pretty much unstoppable when rolling

I’ve always held that’s a silly opinion. War Elephants should absolutely be viable for 1v1. In extremely niche circumstances, perhaps, but there should be some conditions where they’re worth it.

With that in mind, this is a good change. It makes them easier to get into earlier, but counterbalances that in the lategame. Honestly, they could probably go even further along these lines.


It poses some risk though.
War elephant is the by far the strongest and cost efficient unit in the game. Reducing their cost can make them OP. Besides Trashbows are trash, they actually deal considerably well against the two only viable counters against war eles: Halbs and Monks.

I don’t think this change will break Persians, but the devs need to be carefull with changes like this.

I also don’t understand this balance changes, the civs which desperately need some changes are still out for nothing.

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War elephants are viable in DM 1v1 cof cof