The next step for the AOE series


There’s one thing about AOEIV I’d really like to see: make it e-sport worthy.

Seriously, that’s the best way to make the RTS genre popular again. We need teams, we need pro-players bringing new insights and daring strategies into the game and we need big flashy competitions. Strategy games too can be exciting to watch!

That’s the best way to immortalize multiplayer games. I’d like, at least, to see competitive features added to online multiplayer, like rank, ladders, tiers and such. I’d love to see the game being streamed 24/7 by known streamers. MOBA basically monopolized the “strategy” genre, but MOBA are still strongly skill-based. A pure strategy-based game that is good enough to create a e-sport friendly environment would be my dream come true.


For that they will need to find an additional kind of RTS action game mode. Like a north vs south or east vs west much more based on team play and efforts, but with all traditional mechanics. Personally I don’t think they will do or try such a thing yet. It might resolve later from a certain existing game modes and customized maps if those gain in popularity. Yet, the traditional AOE fans will never want to give in on randomized game play. So in order to not disappoint them you will need to add both of those cookies, which makes it very difficult for balancing the gameplay between all those different cookies. It requires an engine that can handle more than all previous engines could. And let’s not forget all the people who want sophisticated campaigns with exciting missions.


Balancing would be the key for making a good competitive game, the action can be narrowed down to in-battle troops management, which already happens in AOE, all they need is to intensify that, creating more combat mechanics that will allow players to benefit from.


Yeah, but also by something like the ability to build traps of wood. You could lure big animals or enemy troops into the trap. It could use some more interaction possibilities on the micro level without making it just a MOBA game. Other thing I though of was combining this with a more pre historical version running up to iron age.