The nizam cannot build buildings like the Janissaries

Nizam Riflemen are no longer affected by the ‘Battlefield Constructions’ card. In case you can regain the ability to build make sure that the ‘volley mode’ and ‘stagger mode’ commands are not covered by the ‘sürat assault’ command, since giving them the ability to build moves the ’ formation commands’ one row down and this formation (‘sürat assault’) overlaps these 2 formations (‘volley mode’ and ‘stagger mode’).

I also want to report this. It is not a mistake as such, it is rather a misplaced animation.

Hi @OperaticShip743 !

Do not worry, it is an intended behaviour, you can find it here. Thanks!


Thanks!. Well, it will only remain to report the second and that is that the trees move uniformly by the wind. What would be natural is that they see each other move unevenly.

I’m not sure about this change. It feels like it’s not a change made for balance, but just because the UI can’t handle more keys, which also was a problem with the Dutch at one time. I posted the bug that the Nizam lost volley and stagger mode because their ability took that space (Nizam Fusiliers bug with Battlefield Construction - Age of Empires III: DE / III - Report a Bug - Age of Empires Forum), and also proposed that if it was possible, use a dynamic UI that could hold more columns ( Proposal: Dynamic UI for units and buildings? - Age of Empires III: DE / III - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum).

(Something Like this)

I’d even prefer if formations took 2 rows, having one bellow, because you never really lost them, you still can use the formations with the hotkeys. This issue is also present with explorers when you revolt or gain more abilities, and it wouldn’t be a good fix to just remove some abilities from them.