The official system specs

Hello folks,

Steam just put AoE IV back on their store page and those are according to steam the minimum system specs:

  • OS: Windows 10 64bit

  • Processor: Intel Core i5-6300U

  • Memory: 8 GB RAM

  • Graphics: Intel HD 520

  • DirectX: Version 12

  • Storage: 50 GB available space

So that means they have yet to reveal the specs to play at the highest settings so the 93GB space is probably true.


93GB with all the high-res texture packs, 4K and so seems possible, if the basic is 50GB. I’m absolutely in shock with the CPU and GPU requirements, tho. Is this for real? Will it be possible to play AoE IV even in a toaster?

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Yeah that’s a bit worrying to me that the minimum requirements are that low, makes me wonder how better those recommended will be :confused:

That is insanely low requirement for a graphics card, even for AoE2 DE you need a dedicated GPU at minimum. I wonder how they made it possible to run on that, or maybe it’s a mistake.

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maybe 4k resolution free dlc

They said they want the game for a wide range of machines so it has sense since aoe games are known to be not that demanding games.
And you can play the DEs at IGPUs at lower settings.

43 GB left? Maybe they really did show us a lower end of the spectrum graphics wise

If the maximum graphics will be what we have seen in the trailers (a bit upsetting with some scenes, water visuals, units detail…), would make minimum graphics really undetailed and fuzzy, therefore capable of being moved on a toaster.

Or maybe (hopefully) the visual configuration panel will let players tweak the game at an insane level, going from low-res, Empires Apart-like ultra simplistic and undetailed visuals to gorgeous ultra-detailed graphics at 4K.

I’m a bit anxious to see which of those is the actual case tbh, if they have included wonder-level tweaking capabilities it will be mind-blowing.

It turns out that AGE 3 DE is more demanding on the minimum system requirements than AGE 4. Personally, this is good for me, since AGE 4 is likely to be less demanding on the recommended requirements.

More FPS - excellent