The overlooked aspects of Update 8324

While some gamebreaking elements still scream for a hotfix (spearman range bug, hulks still OP etc), some less discussed balance changes are still worth a highlight because of how damaging they are:

  • horseman nerf: almost gamebreaking as it removes the only “efficient” raid unit from the feudal age (if no early knight or other). With the spearman buff they just get WRECKED in melee, and still die fast to arrows. AoE is already quite slow to “kick in” as a game, now we have to wait even longer before fighting properly in a game. The whole nerf should be reverted, and bring back the (already pretty weak) old horseman.

  • mangonels buff: did we really need to make siege even more OP ? the unit already felt powerful and this buff is unnecessary and damaging to balance. Any infantry focused faction (eg: english) get flattened. It also counters the last nest of bees buff, that is still worse as a unique unit than its normal counterpart.

  • no more scout animation cancel: not only makes for a less interesting start removing a “mini game” against your opponent, it also buff the rus quite a lot because they just have more scouts easily. It was a very welcome bug/feature that a lot of players enjoyed practicing.

These are only the worst changes, some other could have been mentioned but they are not as game breaking (balance breaking) as these ones.

While I understand that the devs listen to/watch what is up with the majority of their player base (lots of campaign, skirmish, and 4v4 players), it is crucial to remember that very often the pro players know much better. And some have already been pretty vocal about these. I would even advise contacting them and asking them direclty their opinion from time to time who knows.

These changes I mentionned need a full withdraw, and nobody would ever question the devs realising that they made a mistake on this as this is for the good of the game. We need to put the health and balance of the game at the center of our priorities if we want it to survive and even prosper. Balance is what makes rts fall or thrive, way before the importance of any DLC.

EDIT: horsmen were also the only viable option against springalds and now they get evaporated as soon as they get in range…


Also- zhug nu got alot of changes! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: i might actually like it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I do liked the changes made to it too, also the new supervising of tech buildings brings a buff to chinese + more gameplay variety !


I am very happy that they got rid of that. I can finally enjoy playing Rus without the need to have an insane micro.

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Springs will be nerfed so hopefully they are maligned to being JUST anti seige and NOTHING else.

The horsemen nerf is bad and they claim they are still working on a proper fix (I suggest they give horsemen 10 more hp and given them an additional range armor tech for a total of +3 in feudal. Also I hope they add more bonus dmg with the elite upgrades vs range to better clean up the range mass.)

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