The patch doesn't make sense but

This is one of the first patches, and one patch isn’t going to be perfect. The game is going to take constant work mind you, this patch is most likely just testing the waters to see how things are going to be.
You have to make drastic changes to see how to mold things better.
You also have to think that the players are always going to be steps ahead when it comes to these things.

Things will change. Let’s see how things flow before we start to run.
I would hope that reverting the HP of horsemen will happen.
Springs really do need a nerf… It’s like age of springs, not age of empires. Slowing down their speed may help, or making them more expensive. Idk.
The deli getting huge nerfs just don’t make sense at all to me. You’re taking core gameplay out of their civilization and now they feel just more bland.
Maybe a good way to fix this is to make sanctity a part of the civ bonus for feudal age??
One of the major things that the devs wanted was to make these games move quicker, and now it feels like it’s just being reversed…

Anyway the French not being nerfed, no clue why… They are currently the top civ at the moment,
The Mongols as well are just so dominant.

I’m confused by the Chinese period. They’re just a completely broken civilization in the bad way I have no idea how to fix them.

I also feel very disappointed that some of the accessibility was removed from the game such as some icons being removed from the mini map.

And why the hell would you remove sacred sites from Black Forest???
It’s an iconic map and now it’s just going to be a turtle map. You want these games to go quicker but now people are just going to turtle the f*** out of this map.
If I see this map I’m just going to dodge. I don’t have 3+ hours to play on this map.

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