The Persian Elephant in the Room

So what changes do you think the Persians will have? At this very point, I really cannot help but them having 2 UU’s: the current War Elephant and the Savaran.

What are you looking forward to the most?

  • Caravanserai exclusive to Persians and Hindustanis
  • Split like the Indians campaign
  • Receiving two UU’s and a possible new Unique Building
  • Maybe new regional unit?
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Them receiving the Central Asian architecture is also at the top of my head.

This I see as so likely that it’s probably not even worth putting in a poll haha.


Would a new bonus or technology pertaining to this work?

If a second unique unit ends up being the Saravan, than that would kind of replace the Knight line bonuses. And the War elephant unique technology should probably just be automatic and replaced with a new technology.

What kinds of other new bonuses or technologies would you guys want to replace this?
(Anything related to Zoroastrianism perhaps?)

This change is overdue when you think about it

Giving Caravaneserai to both Hindustanis and Persians is interesting. Persians are anyway strong in the late game. So, in a michi team game, you can swap your Hindustanis for Persians

I do think they should have access to Steppe lancers but not the battle elephant (for balance reasons).

Maybe give them a buff like free heavy cavalry archer upgrade and a bonus to compensate for their lack of bracer. They are the descendants of the Parthians. Maybe a bonus like Cavalry archers +2 attack bonus vs all mounted units (or camels) … or maybe a regional / unique cavalry archer upgrade (just like legionnaire and houfnice).

Maybe the unique cavalary archer can have stats like these:

HP: 70 (+20)
Attack: 8+3
Range: 5+2
Armor: 1+4/0+6
These basically give it the same attack and range as a regular cavalry archer… with half of the Turkish sipahi tech. Maybe give it something like +2 anti-archer / anti-cavalry armor… like the cataphract has for anti-cavalry attacks. This should give them some resistance from skirmishers, genoese crossbowmen, camel archers, spearline units and camels.

It wouldn’t be a strong unit but would be more like a Lithuanian winged hussar with slightly better melee armor, HP and a bonus vs gunpowder units. Maybe also make the upgrade cheaper than the regular heavy cavalry archer upgrade.

It won’t be able to compete with Turkish, Mongol, Tatar, Magyar archers but still be better than a generic one.

Why Persians didn’t get it too is baffling, but I’m hoping that due to popular demand this will finally happen.

Exactly, that’s probably the one thing everyone is expecting to come from this.

Likely due to Savaran/Sogdian Cataphracts already existing in the game, but not 100% imo. As long as they don’t replace the Knight line that’s fine. Would be cool to see them as a SL upgrade, that’d be interesting.

As for unique building, maybe a more powerful Stable that has room to train all 5 Stable units, or lets you train your teammates’ UU mounted units (e.g. Persian Mangudai, Boyar etc). Sure that second one would be useless in 1v1s, but would really spice up TGs.

It even looks like it fits the Central Asian architecture better than the South Asian. Which is just so weird that it only went to the Hindustanis.

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Also why I think the Hindustanis should have the Central Asian architecture…

Persians have lack of power in imp, only paladin + Kamandaran archer (easy to counter on 1v1?). It seems Hindustanis vils bonus is better than Persians TC bonus (TC bonus needs more res). Eles are slow. These are Persians problem.

Imperial Persians are Safavid dynasty, so we need that factor on imp Persians (but idk Safavid dynasity well). My buff plans are

  • faster elefants (Persians’ 0.6 to 0.8, Battle eles’ 0.85 to 0.9)
  • +5% TC bonus (reduse 1s on vil’s cleating time in each age)
  • archer and skirmisher get +2 attack against spear-line

Could you add an option to the poll for

  • Finally get round to fixing the UU


As long as it is a unit that 170 food (some gold) and 1 population space, it’s never going to be viable in castle age and imperial age. Unless they do something radical like making it a UU without an elite upgrade.

What if Battle Eles and EAs were moved to Imp Age? They’re supposed to be a power unit anyway, so maybe they can be buffed accordingly. And Persians War Ele means they get to access to elephants an age earlier. It’ll mean a weaker Castle Age for SEA civs and Indian civs, especially the Bengalis who are already struggling in Castle Age, but maybe then can those civs be properly looked at?

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Not really. Delhi Sultanate buildings look nothing like the Timurid buildings.

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