The Point of a Fast Age 3 + a Few Comments

What advantage does a quick transition to the 3rd age provide in this game? I don’t quite understand why it’s used as a tactic. In AOE 3, it made sense because you could get 2 falconets from cards, build 15 janissaries, and go against the opponent. In AOE 4, it doesn’t really matter because quickly building 2 catapults and a few soldiers for protection takes too long, and the catapults are too weak against buildings anyway. Even if you assume such a plan, countering it is ridiculously easy. In AOE 3, it was very difficult, possible but difficult, and it made sense.

Second question: why is the trebuchet available in the 3rd age when in AOE 3 the mortar, which nobody used, was available in the 4th age? Because of this, placing castles on the map or in the city loses any sense with the trebuchet’s range. A castle should be a reward and give an advantage in holding the map/position, but if the opponent has a trebuchet, it’s basically a waste of resources to build one.

Another thing, the animations in this game are terrible, the unit details are even worse. It’s hard to tell if it’s a knight from the 1st age or the 4th age. I wonder if this game is in alpha or beta stage?

I spent several years playing AOE 3. Not everything was perfectly polished, but here, nothing is. UX, MENU, GAMEPLAY, literally nothing. Currently, patches and balancing should be released at least once a month, and every three months, a major update should fix bigger issues. Without this, the game is dying. It’s nice that the developers wanted to make AOE 4 an e-sports game, but it never will be one, and from month to month, fewer and fewer people are playing it. Without significant changes, this game will have 300 players daily worldwide across all platforms in two years.

First of all, if you ask something, why do you end up throwing shit at AOE4? Why not be constructive with what the game lacks and you end up saying that the game is going to die

He has a point though…
If the support stays as terrible as it is, patches are further not happening, fundamental bugs and issues of the game are not fixed timely, it WILL die.
There is radiosilence, there is almost no support AT ALL.
How will this game survive?

Simple: AoE4 is asymmetric, so some civs haven’t armored units in feudal whereas others do, so getting into castle fast gives you the advantage of armored units, or if the other has armored units in feudal (like english MAA or knights), gives you anti armor units like the crossbowmen.

And, gives you access to powerful siege like the mangonel, that counters large amount of range units like zhu ge spams or english longbowmen.

Other civs like HRE or Ayuubid can go for a fast castle fast aggression build, where they can non-stop sending castle men at arms, and if he manage to stop your eco, good luck dealing with that. And he will be collecting the relics. In that case, your best chances are to stay in feudal and prepare a good defense, but get to castle as fast as you can.

What do you want constructive here? Relic, under Microsoft’s leadership, released trash for a lot of money without support. The game is three years old, yet it looks and runs like a beta version shown at least a year before release… Just look at the player statistics to see that in two years people will forget about this game…

But what you’re talking about is natural when transitioning to the 3rd era… I’m asking what actual benefits transitioning to the 3rd era provides? In AOE3, if I saw an opponent advancing to the 3rd era, I either had to rush them quickly or also advance to the 3rd era, because otherwise, in most cases, it was game over. And this wasn’t because they could upgrade their units, but because they could field a strong army in a very short time (largely thanks to the cards) - a reward for transitioning to the era. In AOE4, you reach the 3rd era in 8-10 minutes, and then what? You’ll spend another 5 minutes building any kind of army just to even think about attacking…

Mangonels are expensive and terrible, not to mention the animation looks like breaking cardboard soldiers.

Unfortunately, this game will die very quickly without strong support. Immediate improvements needed this month include:

  • Animations
  • Biomes
  • Cheating
  • Menu (filters, global chats, anything, please, because it looks like it’s from the year 2000)
  • Textures
  • Micro (which doesn’t exist at all because there’s over a 1-second delay from clicking)

That’s for now, and additional things within the next 3 months. Currently, this game is only fit for the trash bin.

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Imperial in 8-10 minutes? At which level? I mean, no way you can get to imperial in high level and still be alive for 5 minutes more.

This game is completely different from AoE 3, there’s no cards and things like that.

But if you want to find something similar, every civ got some bonuses for age up. Example, HRE get 5 barracks aging up, english got a free castle or a free TC, ottoman got free siege every X minutes etc…

By your words it seems you haven’t played a lot this game and you come from AoE3 right? You have to compare them as complete different games, not a sequel…

I honestly agree with all points Pabloss made a 100%.
From a technical view relative to the year 2021, the CURRENT state of aoe4 is STILL a desaster.

And if you read carefully, he did write 3rd era in 8-10 minutes, which is absolutely possible.

Aoe4 feels incredibly bland and lackluster, not having any spice compared to aoe3(de).
It feels boring, bland, painfully repetitive and robotic.
Every match feels the same, extremely spammy and spastic and at the same time painfully slow and static.
There are no big turning points like sending 2 falcs or sniping enemy falcs or even going age2 all in WHILE the enemy is aging and destroying the tc before he can finish his age or even killing the houses right in the moment he ages and he can only quit the match.

8-10 minutes? At every level, I’ve seen it in various games at different levels – even the highest ones. The game is unfortunately static and boring. As @_e_o_ka
mentioned, it’s hard to see any twists and turns on the map. In Age of Empires (AOE), I had fun because even when losing a game, I was able to turn the tide with some crazy move, but here it’s not possible… Additionally, the current player points are hidden – except for AI, which is stupid because you don’t even know if you’re ahead in the game or not… Many times I thought the opponent was very weakened and it was only a matter of time before I defeated them, but after watching the replay, it turned out they had more points than me despite losing many villagers and buildings. If I had known that, I would have reacted differently during the game… Really, these are such small things that could all be fixed in one update, but as we can see, Microsoft took the money, Relic is falling apart, so I guess I’ll go back to AOE3, where at least something happens during the game… AOE4 is boring, slow, and lacks any excitement.

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Well I agree that the game lacks a lot of technical features, but I don’t understand why you (@_e_o_ka included) want to play a game if you clearly don’t like it. It’s not like you only think that if needs a technical improve, but you also think it’s boring and want It to be like other game.

I strongly disagree about show the score. By checking the score you can know a lot of info, that would (ironically) act opposed as you say you want (“I was able to turn the tide with some crazy move”).

About AoE 3 vs 4, I find just boring the card system and some others mechanics from AoE3, that’s why I don’t play It.

AoE 4 is more similar to AoE 2 in some aspects, but obviously, more casual and with asymmetric civilizations. Neither I want it to be like AoE2.

From this list, cheating is a must, the menu would improve also the user experience, but not a must to make game not die. I don’t experience 1 second lag, where are you from?

There are more important things to be adressed, like reconnection, awful matchmaking, inconsistent balance and OP/non punishable strategies.

People right now is mainly leaving the game due to maphackers and matchmaking (me included). No point on playing a game where like 80% of the people is cheating.

I understand making a thread asking why fast aging to Castles (access to armored units + blacksmith upgrades and relic taking + sacred sites and if the game is not over and you have a mass of units, produce or not siege depending on the situation), what I do not understand is the umpteenth apocalyptic thread calling for toxicity for those who enjoy this game.

Constructive criticism, yes (and we have plenty), but avoid comments that call for toxicity.

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People were saying this two years ago, and I don’t see any indication that I should believe the same statement again now.

You (_e_o_ka), don’t even play aoe4, you just criticize I don’t know why you spend your time on the forum making it toxic

Aoe4 lost 34% of its avg playerpool since the peak at the Sultans dlc release.
It’s going down and down and down and down every month.

If not massive meaningful big patch comes in asap and fixes the fundamental problems of the game and brings out the garbage (hackers), the game will keep dying at rapid speed.

We’re nowhere near the lows of mid-2022, which means the game is categorically in better shape despite being nearly two years older.

Peaks are never sustained. That’s why we call them peaks. The game is overdue a regular update in my opinion, but the numbers don’t support the game “dying”, nevermind at “rapid speed”.

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