The Problem Of Mercenaries Being Trash

The mercenaries of all civilizations except Sweden are garbage. Mercenaries should not only be strong for Sweden. The upgrade of the mercenaries must be done from the tavern, like that of the outlaws. Mercenaries from the tavern must be upgrade one hundred percent. If their overpowered mercenaries have a negative multiplier against the spy, this problem is taken care of.

Since when are mercs garbage? They are designed like that on purpose, with stronger stats and less upgrades needed, but having a lower ceiling than normal units. Most mercs are perfectly fine these days, and are aimed at augmenting your existing composition for most civs, rather than being the full centre of your composition, barring a few civs like Sweden and Italy.


I agree with this. Mercs are supposed to be poweful early on, with most standard civ units surpassing them in the later ages. This even happened in reality too - Mercs were big business whilst most nations didn’t really have state armies, but this changed swiftly through the AoE3 timeframe to civs having proper armies.


Mercenary from cards can make really good strategies.
Trained mercenaries are always bad except for a small number of civs.

I think it is probably the generic rule for 1v1 supremacy: it is always a better idea to massively train the cheap and fast-training regular units and obtain the expensive ones via cards and techs. This also applies to expensive regular units like artillery.

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Their power is out of proportion to their cost. It’s really rubbish right now

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I do think merc is bad compared to regular units, but they are not supposed to be better than normal units…they are an addition to the civ

Also the best merc you can send is probably Mameluke since it is an age 4 mercenary, its stats are based on age 4 cav units but you can send them in age 3 for whatever civ that has them

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Historically counties started phasing out mercenaries in favor of professional armies in the AOE3 timeline so it kind of makes sense.


The high-generation politician cards in Italy are really ridiculous. Why can the things sent to era three be used in era four. I’ve submitted this issue, but no one cares.

If you notice all of italy’s age up bonus are better than other civs, and most of age 4 shipments are 2000 res worth not other civs’ 1600

This fault is as high as an era. Who will decisive battle in T4’Spvp? They should design a suitable mercenary at t3