The problem of two-handed weapons in one hand for units

Two units is already too much. First, the developers gave the new infantry of England two-handed axes in one hand! Now they did the same with the knights of Rus’. (I would like to mention that they could also be renamed, for example, into boyars, but that’s another story). Not only do they have two-handed infantry weapons from Western Europe in their hands, they also hold it in one hand!
My eyes are bleeding.
I can understand when the developers sacrifice historicity for the sake of diversity in the gameplay, as was the case with the sipahis of the Ottomans civilization, but here it just looks strange and that’s it. They can be given so many different weapons in their hands that they differ visually and at the same time look normal and historical, and you do it. It’s a shame.
I know that my post will not do anything, because I have already seen many similar discussions here. But I had to speak out about it.
I could also provide dozens of images and videos of where this weapon should be, how it is used (including the new English infantrymen), what could be replaced, but I feel that the developer does not care little things like that and nothing will be fixed anyway.

P.s. translation with google translator.
P.P.S. There, in another topic, a rebat was also indicated, which also concerns not only the Wingard English infantry, but also the crawl, which holds a two-handed sword in one hand.

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Yep, they need to stop this xD

These two-handed weapons look bad on Rus knight and English king.


I disagree - I think it’s very realistic.

My girlfriend one-hands a two-hander all the time.

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Well, she is lucky!
But, I believe we don’t need Rus Knight carrying a PoleAxe xD

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