The problem with TC, villagers and sheeps

Am I the only one who has problems on organizing and knowing how many vills are under the TC gathering from sheeps? Or to click a sheep/vills and distinguish them from other units?

I mean, it seems like the vills and sheeps are fused with the external walls of the building, yeah i can the blue profile like then a unit is behind a building, but most of the time it’s just a confusing moving mass, and it’s quite hard to distinguish sheeps from vills, or to select the right amount of vills.

I think that if the external border of the TC would be bigger by 0.5 tiles it would be better. That way the vills could work under the TC for maximum efficiency without me losing my eyes every time.

What do you think?

I mostly can derive how many villagers are on sheep from my food villager count.

The TC, sheep under TC, sheep carcasses, etc., and also sometimes deer have some odd hitboxes, though. Sometimes to shoot at a deer I need to click a decent amount to the right of what seems visible. Sheep carcasses are often nigh untouchable near TCs. Villagers sometimes not clickable, either.

It’s a bit of a mess. I think it’s just insufficient polish around hitboxes combined with the camera making the ray detection unreliable.

My hitbox beef is with trees. Even after they are filled their hatbox remains the same as what it was when it was standing tall.

So you constantly have to click above the tree if you want to connect with the hitbox. I often end up sending vils to the wrong tree because of this. While it’s not a game breaking thing, it’s annoying as hell.