The ranked ladder is filled with Lakota now

As title. Hopefully some Lakota nerf next patch? This civ is dominating the ladder now. It is inflating player elo by several hundreds now, half of the ranked opponent I faced are using Lakota.

It has numerous op things, great hunter instantly give food, age 4 broken 21 unit card, broken mortar card, age 1 start with 200 wood allowing them to get a teepee + market + hunting dog (ultra buffed eco), or they can get a tp + teepee by chopping just 50 wood, crazy fast FF or even FI, etc.

It is so frustrating feels a bit like when Mexico was released the ladder was filled by Mexico.


Totally agree.
China & Lakota are by far the most crowded on the ladder.


Strange, there is another thread saying they need help.

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What civ are you playing? And do you see many age 4 Lakota games?

Are there recorded games about Lakota insane strats? from higher rated players ofc since I have months that don’t play ranked 1v1.

They go age 4 quite often. Bow fast industry into that OP card and 4 mortars is very popular.

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No. I watched, and played games by my self

They talking about treaty, which nobody cares. I am talking normal games

Thanks. I haven’t seen it as not playing much ranked atm. When playing Hausa I’ve not had much trouble against Lakota, but that might of changed with this patch

Yeah hausa should not have trouble against lakota since the javelin rider is just as op as bow rider. How ever when I play China it is difficult since China is already countered by lakota even before the rework.


You would think Chinese pike bow would do well against bow riders

Lakota age 2 is practically non existant. They will want to rush age 3 or 4. You need to play aggressive against them. Rypical semi ff will not work against them.

They also have no effective counter against musket +skirmishers.

Meanwhile , Team Ranked ladder, is filled with Malta and Malta. With a team mate being Malta. :slight_smile:

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If nobody cares, there wouldnt be any thread, but there is one, so there are people that care.

How mortar card is OP?? Every european habe 4 pop mortars trainable in unlimited buildings while they just can do it in native embassies.

Devs shouldnt became them 8pop slots in 1st stance

I agree even in 1v1 i see a lot of malta, but not quite often as lakota. Malta turtle is super annoying.

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Malta is new and fun, fair enough people be playing them. Hopefully anything op gets sorted over time

Op compared to other native civs. Previous all of them have 5 pop mortars so it is even. Now only lakota has 4 pop mortars and aztecs incas and haude has 8 pop mortar. How is that fair?


Agree with that. I guess that they did that for being a cav focus civ

The eco buff is the main thing. Lakota has very strong army backed by a poor eco before patch. Now eco is also strong, then op.

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But army is also less strong overall, cause of no teepee stacking. But also has bigger spikes from op shipments

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