The replay system its outdated

The replay system its really outdated: Replays get dumped into a single file that gets overwriten every time you play a multiplayer match. Also, one has to choose the option to record before an actual ranked match.

This is below the current standard for replays. Right now, RTS always record the games into a LastGame replay (which can be renamed if one forgot to save the game), and the player is given the choice to save and name the replay after the match.

Back in the original release, this had to do with engine limitations, but now that the engine has been built up from the scratch for the DE it shouldn’t have the same problem.

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Has it? I honestly have no idea, just curious, because with AoE2 that definitely hasnt happened.

It absolutely hasn’t. All Definitive Editions are remasters; updated versions of the game running on same engine (with some engine updates too of course, but nowhere near “built from scratch”").

Still, cant the game auto-rename recorded games with date and never delete the old ones? (or keep at least a hundred before deleting) I dont see why the game must overwrite old recs.

I guess we will get a mod for that in the future. Untill then you have to rename your replays if you want to save them.

Then, if its not rebuilt from scratch, the better question would be if the engine its still a limit to an up-to-date replay system