The Rework Aztecs Deserve

This is really good idea how to make Stealth ability a little more usable without making big changes in the game :wink: I like it.

Why not replace Community Plaza with arena?Jaguar knights and Eagle Knights begin the battle of flowers in the arena。

They didn’t have arenas nor Gladiators, maybe the card ritual gladiators is misleading, it was a ritual sacrifice, 4 Jaguar/eagle knights beating to death a nearly unarmed captive, was a sacrifice.

As for “flower wars”, were little wars.

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Tlahui, a soldier of Tlaxcala, was captured by Aztec. Unwilling to join Aztec, he challenged 28 Aztecs and was finally sacrificed to God

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I found this thread and I was thinking that the rodeleros could be anti-artillery units for Aztecs after using Chichimeca rebellion. With the revolution card I lose coyote runners and also the enhanced speed of the puma spearmen (the support card). I think the rodeleros could be made a good option if they wouldn’t take any population (to make them not too good they could have their price increased).

I have also noticed that if I have trading post in mayan settlement and make warriors from the embassy, the infinite 17 mayan allies card becomes unavailable. I wish it could be fixed. It would also be great if native treaties card that sends native warriors from each tribe had its numbers increased. 5 for each tribe doesn’t seem that much. One other thing, completely different subject as didn’t find a thread for it, regarding decks for ally AI players. I would like to have me choosing at least 2-3 cards for their decks. The rest can remain the same. But they would prioritize these 2 cards over the rest. Or have them being used in some point at least.

Maybe aztec natives cards would be reversed as a civ bonus to their legacy values. I wouldnt see it as OP cause aztec gold economy is not the strongest in the game.

This way Incas woyud get more kind of units while aztecs get more units but just 2 types. We have to remember that they dont have artillery

Y si mejor se reemplaza la plaza comunitaria por un templo del sacrificio? en donde puedan trabajar solo los sacerdotes guerreros y que las bonificaciones sean incluso mucho mas potentes?