The Right Partner - Makeda Bug

Game Version:

  • Latest available on Steam
  • Platform (Steam)


Unable to complete mission as Makeda is not found up in the North part of the map next to the relic. I don’t remember seeing her unless she was killed somehow in the inital fight (but that should have triggered a failure of the quest). As it is, I am stuck on 4/5 quests completed with no way to advance.


Can confirm bug. I have played this scenario many times and completed the quests in different orders. Once you reach a certain point one of the quests disappears from the objectives and you are stuck at 4/5.

It happened to me too

That happened to me as well

Same here.
I guess that mean Yodit campaign abort there.

Recently bumped into the same issue, but I think that this is something also caused by our lack of attention. Makeda is held hostage up Nord (quite close to the village the quest is received from ) near a tower, I have treated that enemy post as a regular one, as haven’t even noticed that I have rescued her, so she remained in place. The problem occurs when the enemy troupes are spawned there for regular raid on map, they bump into her and kill her, that is the moment, I believe, the quest disappears.

This is a poorly designed campaign scenario. It’s not a bug just a bad design and lack of game communication. This drove me nuts, but she is in the northern most part of the map by the relic, tower and odd looking gate. Once you destroy things, she turns green and you can control her to go south to the red village. The problem is, she will get killed if you didn’t pick up on this as I didn’t initially. Problem: If she dies and you can’t win the scenario, TELL ME I AM DEFEATED!!! END SCENARIO. Not rocket science just bad creators, supervisors and beta testers. If she dies, which you don’t realize, don’t say 4/5 completed and visit your neighbors to complete the scenario. The mission disappears like it was completed, then players are left to aimlessly wonder WTF happened, what do I do next. The moment she is killed by raiders, the scenario should end. Then you go maybe I missed something. Nope, whoever was associated with creating this scenario should find another job. This is unacceptable, if I didn’t have the internet I would have never figured this out and moved on to another game.