The Rus "horse archer" UI attack speed fix

In recent updates, the devs were not able to fix the 2.50 attack speed per second issue (real attack speed is 2 seconds).
Because they stated there is something big is wrong. LOL

Now I know why we are getting updates so slow.
I was able to find the issue in 30 seconds.
Let me show you that…

Combine these two picture stats and it will give 2 attack speed per second.

Now, we go into the main big issue they cannot fix LOL

The “fire” section has no impact on horse archers.
It just illustrates how incompetent the devs are… Or they just don’t care or don’t know how to fix things.

The crucial point is to press enter after changing the stats.
This means all stats such as “fire”, “reload” and “aim” needs to be boldened after pressing enter.
This will register stats appropriately…

Or those values are meant to do something, which would be a deeper issue?

But sure, rush to bash the devs. There’s a chance this could help them at least, I guess.

It has no impact and I have tested it.
People working in Relic are just not skilled enough…

As in, maybe it’s meant to do something. If it’s impacting attack speed that seems likely?

Anyhow, I hope this gets seen one way or another. Just wish it could be done without insults.

Do you mean without facts?

If indeed you found something that was missed why not make a constructive critique instead of this BS? You wanna know incompetence? Incompetence is not knowing when to be quiet… but we already know you.

It is not BIAS, it is a simple solution that would have taken a single person to fix this simple issue in 30 seconds…
It does not demand IT skills etc, but simple knowledge and 5th-grade maths…

It is just a pure shame