The Scenario Editor Needs Some Love (And how this might be of your concern)

Hello, I’m making this post with hopes that the developers might do something if this thread creates some discussion. And if you played a custom scenarios like Cannibal Island, GoT Overhaul, Zombies, Jurassic Park(to cite some multiplayer scenarios) etc, this discussion might be of you concern.

The Scenario Editor needs some love, the mappers and the people that play scenarios both in single player and multiplayer are a significant proportion of the community, and giving more tools (and bugfixing) to this section of the community would greatly improve the health and diversity of the game.

I have noticed that the number of custom scenarios in DE are considerably small compared to HD, even though the game has more players than HD and has been out for about 2 years. Still, the game has nicer graphics, and more tools in game than HD, so whats happening? Well, despite the buggy editor during the launch, we have more obstacles: we are lacking tools! Such as Trigger Studio, a powerful tool for trigger management, that hasn’t updated to DE yet. Trigger Studio is a amazing tool that depending on the situation can make your job 8 times easier (and even more if you are making a diplo multiplayer map that has 8 players).

I think that upgrading the scenario editor is a great idea (and we have plenty of great suggestions here in this same forum), and this should be in the interests of the devs! Having a powerful scenario editor tool makes the community produce more free content for the game. The developers now are probably discussing the balance of the new two civs and so, their focus will be probably reserved for this topic during the next weeks/month.

But in a future update, they could invest some love in the scenario editor, and even spark a new renaissance (believe me the Variables stuff is pretty amazing) in AoE 2 Map Making. In the perfect scenario they would somehow implement Trigger Studio(the code is even on GitHub, and they could contact the creator idk) in the main game, that would be the wet dream of so many mappers.

So if you played a custom scenario during your history in this game and enjoyed, and would like to have a similar experience in DE, I want to invite you in trying to make this message reach the developers, so we as a community can be able to create more content, play more content and enjoy more works of arts called custom scenarios :).

TL;DR: Scenario Editor need some kind of overhaul/update so the process of making scenarios is easier, an thus we can have more scenarios to play and the game more content. Everyone is happy.


You mean, the CTD simulator? I tried messing with it a month or so ago. For a couple of hours, I crashed like 5 or 6 times.

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