The Season two survey?

Did anyone notice that they only let you do the survey if you agree to share your information?
Why would that be?
If there is a survey, apparently the objective would be to gather information on how to improve the game etc?
So one would think they would want as many answers as possible, so why close out the survey for those who chose not to share their info?
It’s because the survey is just an excuse to get gamer information, that’s what they are really after. They want to know who’s playing what and from where, they don’t care about improving AOE4, if that was the case then why limit the survey and why have requirement that anyone doing they survey has to share their information otherwise they can’t even do the survey.
So the main point is not to get information about the game but the main point of the survey is to collect gamer information to use for marketing. WHAT A SHADY AND UNDERHANDED WAY OF DOING THINGS! SHAME ON YOU!

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I did not agree to share my information and it still let me do the survey…

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They should just have weekly polls in the game menu. More people would do it


Well if I were relic and I need to do a survey, at least Iwill be asking the age of the person, that way I can discard all surveys of people under 15 years old…

NO. there was a question after the Initial share your info question, to specifically share info with other Microsoft entities and that’s the one I said ‘NO’ to and they shut the survey. It had nothing to do with the game and I did the season 1 survey and it was fine.

I don’t mind sharing my info with the entity doing the survey but they then asked do you want us to share your gaming information, games you own, how you play, etc with other Microsoft entities, I replied No and they shut the survey.

I also said NO to that question. It did not shut down my survey. I was still able to do the survey.

Are you in Canada, USA or outside N. America?

I am in the United States