The shipwright technology

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I want to discuss with you about the “Shipwright tech”, for those who don’t know what it is, it is a technology that makes ships cost -20% wood and build 54% faster, it’s cost (1000 food, 300 gold).

Actually the problem is this tech is an imperial tech, and i found it is so stupid to be an imperial tech, why? Lets see that we are in map like islands, of course once you hit the imp you will already have a big fleet of ships for attack or defence, so this tech is almost useless because you already spend too much eco in ships in feudal and castle especially the wood.

My suggestion:

Make this tech available in the castle age and decrease it’s cost

Oh man, you had just posted some topics I could almost agree with.

Let’s not nerf the bottom-tier water civs any further shall we? It’s bad enough that some civs have completely inferior navy in Imp, at the moment they at least have a sliver of a chance on Islands if they can close the game and/or land in the Castle age.

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Yeah i think we need this tech in castle, and for those who have a good naval bonuses just remove it from their tech tree to be fair in water maps

Hey guys how are you hope you are well.

I wrote a post before about the shipwright tech, but i think it was not enough to arrive the message.
The shipwright tech, is an imperial tech that make the ships cost 20% cheaper wood, and training 54% faster and it cost 1000 food, 300 gold.
My suggestion here is to make this tech available in the castle age instead of the imperial age and decrease its cost too, because actually i feel like this tech is completely useless in the imperial age because of course once you reached the imperial you already had many ships to attack/defend your opponent so this 20% discount on wood became useless in the late game, and i suggest too to remove this tech from any good naval civ to make a good balance with other civs.

So what do you think?

No. That would break the game I find.

It is good as a post imperial tech. And gives a player a fighting chance vs Vikings in a late game. It is not a tech you would research in a 1v1 game. It is a tech you would research in a game where you have access to trade with allies.

Making the tech cheap would nerf the Vikings badly. It would kind of ruin this civ since guys could easily catch up to the vikings on the sea more easy then. This tech is meant to be used when you are booming rich in a rich resources map, where you have lots of trade. 1000 food and 300 gold is easy to get when you have lots of trade carts and farms in a very late game.


It is already easy to have this tech once you are in the imperial since most of your spending will be on ships in water map, so 1000 food will be easy, and 300 gold is easy too, it is not that much. My idea was because you will spend many resources on ships early so you will have a big fleet already one you reach the castle/imp, so researching this tech in the imp will not be that big advantage,and i don’t think it will make the Naval civs weaker, because the bonuses they have are really strong enough without using this tech

please stop spamming. There were already good explanations for why this is a terrible idea in your original thread.

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