The SICILIAN NERF Has arrived!

Look now ingame! the sicilians haave been nerfed! i dont hascreenshot bnow their UT first crusade now spawns 7 serjeants inntof 10! i even played a game where i got 35 serjeants instead of the usual 50!

Yes, it came with the latest hotfix. The Burgundians also got nerfed.

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rlly? I havent seen that, what changed?

The Coustilliers do less damage with their charge attack. 35 → 25 for non-elite and 40 → 30 for the elite version

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wow thx man! I didnt knew that

You’re welcome. Here is the link if you want to read about everything that changed.


hope Devs will buff Sicilians in other aspects (e.g. Serjeant to 30G, Donjon 25-50 res cheaper)
Otherwise, Sicilians are one of the worst civ in teamgame, esp open map, where the 1st crusade is difficult to execute. Their weak unit design for the sake of not being OP 1v1 are killing them in TG


50! is about 3.04*10^64
Be careful when you put ! after a number lol


I saw it as 35 yesterday still lol.
And also I’ve seen no difference in cost for Donjons either

I love this burn :joy:

To OP, both new civs will be adjusted again depending on how things go. This will not be the last balance patch for those two civs.


I think the donjon could have its cost changed from 75W/200S to say, 80W/170S, maybe add 1 stone defense armor - means villagers do 1 less damage to it, about 8% IIRC.

Serjeants from 60F/35G to 60/30

I think they also kinda need a buff to another strategy, Cavalry or Archers.

Kinda think giving Sicilians early (not discounted) cavaliers and no bloodlines instead of burgundians, and giving burgundians bloodlines might be a good change for both. Dunno.

Personally dislike the first crusade and flemish revolution techs’ design of being game enders one way or another. Would change them.

Perhaps first crusade works like cuman mercenaries, 15 for you and each ally, free, but have to train them like normal?

Flemish revolution… Maybe a maximum number of villagers, 30? Get turned into Flemish Militia.