The Siege of Vilnius campaign: keeping first castle alive is possible

  1. 3 TCs boom until you got 70-80 villagers

  2. Remember to bring villagers to repair gate, build stables to block the path to castle, repair the castle when it is damaged.

  3. Get Imp and all cavalry upgrades ASAP (include castle age tech & conscription), You should have 15 + Cavaliers at the beginning of wave 1, and fully upgraded not long after.

  4. Run in and suicide attack all 4 BBCs, Keep making Cavaliers, full upgraded Cavaliers can handle the rest of enemy without many troubles. consider adding CAs/archers into castle for more firepower.

Tip: Delete the gate between top and middle castle can trigger Cyan’s reinforcement

  1. If you survived wave 1, the rest of them will not be a problem, use your cavalry to kill Orange, get more gold source, do the objective.

  2. The last wave is trickly. consider convent orange’s Siege Workshop to make BBCs and build towers to distract enemy’s siege. Also consider delete the “reinforcement” so they don’t block the pop space.

I heard some say housewall the main gate will bug out the AI. that doesn’t work for me, they just attack the house and their BBCs take out my castle.

Some say it should be an achievement for keeping all castles standing and I agree, it is still easier and enjoyable than the destroy Rome within 30 mins achievement


I Guess i got a Lucky Run then, because i didnt particular tryhard and kept the Castle Standing.
Didnt even know that this is considered a very hard Thing to do.

yea, maybe I got too excited for that. I saw some comments on some youtube videos say keeping the first castle is impossible, I thought some people may interest in this.

Sometimes, the AI bugged out and refuse to attack, even I didn’t do anything to interfere they (e.g. housewall), sometimes they send their BBCs into the fire range of castle, make it much easier to defense.