The Slavs siege discount should includes trebs

Actually it is weird that how the Slav siege for discount doesn’t access to trebs!!! I mean as a 15% discount for siege units, this should includes trebuchet too which is a siege unit too! Every civ have a bonus that access to their field, Goths discount for infantry access to all their infantry units including the UU, same for Celts with their 25% faster firing for siege including the trebs, etc.
I think the Slavs 15% discount for siege should include their trebs too, so what do you think?


It is a logical change in my opinion.


Slav bonus clearly says Siege Workshop units are 15% cheaper, not Siege Weapons. Goths gets cheaper UU - the Huskarl, because they bonus is Infantry is 20%/25%/30%/35% cheaper, not Barrack units are cheaper. Same for Celts, Siege weapons fire 25% faster, not Siege Workshop units fire 25% faster.

My point is, I’m not against the change that you mentioned, but to prove that those bonuses works as intended.


Yeah i noticed that but it is just stupid right?!

Koreans an portuguese already have discounted trebs nd they usually go for BBC, so…
Esit: koreans wood discount doesnt affect siege…

Maybe it s not a bad change. But slavs are the epitome of balance right now

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15% will not make them broken bro

2; ya que se podria espamear trebuchets y esa es un gran bonus

It may make them broken in very closed maps: druzzinha halberdiers plus discounted treb push is scary.

Slaves have not needed this change before because their farming rate made them powerful. Now they are pretty balanced. I wouldnt do anything for the moment…

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What are you taliking about man?! Do you think trebs with 15% diacount will make them broken and ez to spam?! 11, actually the poruguese with their 20% gold discount are much better

Scary?! Are you telling me the Poruguese with 20% discount on gold and Korenans with 20% wood is fine and Slavs 15% is scary?!

Korean bonus does not apply to Siege. Portuguese bonus is scary. Korean is not. At least on land maps.

Actually the Korean bonus is just trash. Crossbows, Knights, Monks, Siege and Trebs cost tons of gold, so Portuguese save lots of gold. Wood discount for very cheap units is useless


if slavs were underperforming at all then yeah maybe, but as it stands they are such a good civ already… even if it makes irl sense to apply to trebs, it doesnt make balance sense

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And doesn’t make a broken balance too with 15%!

Koreans wood discount applies to trebs? Since when?

Ouch my bad… this is an internal wish I have for them…

Please read our comments carefully. We are agree that the change would make sense, but we are sayung that regarding balance they dont need any change at all. You may think 15% it isnt much but it is in some matches, just enough to push them a bit higher than 50% winrate (in which they are)

So sorry, they dont need changes according to data, despite our internal wishes

I said Druzinha Plus Cheaper trebs.
Portuguese have not druzinha and their halbs even dont have squires. They are far easier to fight against.

Another point: by following this logic petards should cost 15% less as well because they are siege.

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But 15% is not as much as you think, you are scary from this idea because you think with this 15% discount they will mass more but no it is not! Just let me ask you a question, what is better, trebs shot 25% faster or trebs have 15% discount? 25% shot faster is better right? The Celts have this and they are not broken and no one objects to this

If it should apply to trebuchets, it should also apply to petards :sweat_smile:

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So? Why not? And how many times you see petards? 11

More civs need petard bonuses anyway 11

Okay, maybe just pick one. Either the Slavs really need this bonus because is life even worth living without a treb discount or its a meaningless change that won’t impact the game at all. Not both.

There are bonuses that apply to cavalry as well as bonuses that apply to stable units too. I don’t think it’s weird to have a discount for siege workshop units. It probably means that their siege workshop is working really efficiently. So I’m fine with the general case. If I wasn’t we’d be here a while “fixing” a bunch of civilizationa. And I don’t see a lot of reasons being given why it should be changed for this specific case.